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The Number One Reason

The Number One Reason

“What’s up? I’m bringing up the topic of inflammation again here in this video because I think it’s very important and has ability to help a lot of people. And so just about every disease starts with inflammation. And inflammation is not the bad part of the disease, right? But it creates the symptoms, right? So typically, the general medical procedure is to focus on the symptom and we’re focusing on the symptom, but the symptom is not the cause of the issue. So when we focus on the symptom we’re actually missing part of it so we ignore the cause of the issue.

So in most cases, inflammation starts with dehydration. If you come in and you train with us you know what we’re talking about drinking water especially when you train. It is super important, but there’s a missing piece to that that I will go over in a bit because I want to get to this important part.

hot weather cartoons 119439 The Number One Reason

So dehydration can start on a body fluid level and then go to a cellular level – it starts with a body fluid level and then would go to a cellular level right? so when you’re dehydrated you are thickening the blood and the osmotic pump doesn’t work properly, right? So when we’re thickening the blood the circulation goes down. If there’s less circulation, less blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, things don’t function as well. Our body needs oxygen, nutrients, and all this flowing of the energy through the systems to function properly.

So once we dehydrate on the body level the cells get dehydrated, the arteries are made of cells, and if we dehydrate the cells then the arteries no longer become flexible. And then we see the circulation go down and the first symptom is typically blood pressure arises. And what happens is diuretics are prescribed. When diuretics are prescribed, great! The idea is that there’s water, the blood pressure is high we take water out, the blood pressure goes down but it’s not again going after the symptoms and when we give blood pressure medication to people the body is going to make a decision on whether it keeps water, or flushes out toxins and sends the medication is going to create a more toxic environment because water is being excreted but it still needs water for kidneys, the function of… the brain makes the decision whether they’re going to get rid of a certain amount of water or to get rid of toxins. It’s obviously going to keep the water because it needs water to function and so it keeps toxins in the body and then those toxins further pollute the body and the blood likes to stay alkaline.

So a whole cascade of symptoms occur right? Uric acid builds up and then it has to be put somewhere so that your gas ends up in the joints which could end up as rheumatoid arthritis type, things, gout… So these are symptoms that are down the line. So, most people are not getting enough water in general. And we are told for blood pressure issues to stay away from salt and what they’re talking about salt, they are talking about table salt. Table salt has been refined and messed with chemicals at it and all this other things. So it’s literally like poison when you take. But salt from the sea (sea salt, himalayan salt) are extremely powerful and necessary. No one has ever died from overconsumption of salt and the fact is that salt was equivalent to money back in days and that’s what it terms salary comes from because it was so vitally important. It actually didn’t matter if you had water right? If you walk through the desert and you had water, you still can die because the water is actually hydrating you but it also flushing out minerals. And minerals and vitamins and electrolytes which keeps the cells balanced is what keeps the person alive.

sea salt The Number One Reason

Lemon Water The Number One Reason

So, what you can do to help the cleansing process for the first part of the cleansing process if somebody is dehydrated is to start drinking maximum quantities of water. And what you can do is to drink water with let’s say half a teaspoon of sea salt or himalayan salt so this will balanced out the cells. And what I like to do is drink a half a tablespoon of sea salt and with lime juice because this helps alkalize the body. Most people say “Oh yeah! but limes are acidic or lemons are acidic.”. When it goes into the body, it helps to alkalize the system so you are alkalizing the system.

Upon waking up drink in 2 or a liter of water or at least 2 glasses of water with a little bit of sea salt or himalayan salt and a squeeze of a lime preferably raw organic. So anybody who’s having blood pressure issues or anything in general should be doing that but just a general population would benefit from doing that. It help keep the body balanced electrolytes and alkaline. You will noticed that your energy will go up. You’ll feel much better. And so that’s just one little tip that will help your performance if you are training or it can help stave off disease and make you feel better.

So I hope that’s helpful, that’s something that I found is very simple water, lots of water, little bit of sea salt and lime juice that people can put into their daily habits and see massive effects from it. Alright, I hope that helps. Have a great day! Ian Hart checking out EarthFIT training.”

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Beaufort Health and Fitness: Magnesium

Beaufort Health and Fitness: Magnesium

“Hey guys! Ben here, Precision Nutrition Coach. And, today again I’ll be talking about supplements. The supplement I’d like to speak about today is actually it’s a mineral. And it’s actually deemed to be “miracle mineral”, that is how beneficial it is for you. This mineral in particular is used for over 300 different cellular processes in the body; so that’s just how important it is. It is used for everything in the body. The problem however is almost everybody is deficient. You can go out and buy a magnesium supplement. However, the probability that it all gets absorbed in the body is very low because most magnesium supplements are the wrong and they also have a poor absorption rate. Go out and look at just a regular product like a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral. Look down the label the mineral, look at the magnesium. I am almost a hundred percent sure it’s going to say magnesium oxide and what magnesium oxide is go back to your days when you’re in high school or college. Remember when your professor gave you that strip of magnesium, the metal strip. They told you why they don’t fire, you lit it on fire because it’s very fun it burned up. What was left over? it was a bunch of cinders, little bits and pieces. That is magnesium oxide.It’s the waste product of a burned magnesium. So that’s actually what is in those mineral supplements and a lot of magnesium supplements.

However, here at EarthFIT we have Pico-Ionized Magnesium supplement. What happens is it’s actually the highly beneficial magnesiums that your body requires and the pico-ionization, it makes the magnesium particles very very tiny. This is beneficial for you because what’s going to happen is there’s tiny particles as soon as you take in the magnesium they get sent right into a digestion and assimilation. So they go right into the body, right into the bloodstream and the Pico-Ionization is also very important because as soon as it gets assimilated into the bloodstream wherever you’re deficient in the body, any part of the body. Your body is able to recognize that and send that particular magnesium right to those areas. So, let’s say your arm muscles or your leg muscles it gets sent right to those areas or even your organs as well.

Now, you may be asking why do I need magnesium? Magnesium because like I said earlier, it is used for so many processes in the body. When you’re deficient almost everything in the body is running sub-optimum. So, when you could be running at 100% if you don’t deficient in magnesium, you might be running at 80% or 70% or even less. Think of this in terms of an analogy of a car without the oil in it or without an update on the car. It’s running suboptimally when it could be running much better. This is your body without magnesium.

So by taking a magnesium, you’re going to increase your protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the building of muscles. So you’re coming in doing your EarthFIT workouts and your building muscles so you can burn more fat and get stronger. By taking a magnesium, you can increase your protein synthesis, it also increases the assimilation, digestion and absorption of your different nutrients so it breaks down fat in the body; so, it breaks down your carbs, fats and proteins. Your goal in here a lot of you is burn fat so it’s helping you burn more fat. It also helps detoxify the body as well so this will help cleanse everything out, give you regular bowel movements. A lot of people when they are not having magnesium they have irregular bowel movements, it is because everything is tensed up. A

magnesium is known as the calming herb. So by calming everything, it helps relax away things in the body so it helps the muscles relax and you can have a regular bowel movements. So that is one of the benefits as well.

Another benefit of it being the calming mineral is that being very calming it decreases the stress in the body, it is a natural relaxant so it can promote better sleep. And then also because you are coming and doing the hard training sessions here at EarthFIT, every time your muscle contracts it uses calcium but when it needs to relax it requires magnesium to relax so you might get cramps, this is an imbalance of the calcium and magnesium ratios. But also because during the workouts you are using calcium, magnesium, calcium, magnesium every time you contracts and relax the muscle it depletes the minerals in the body. So after a workout your minerals have been depleted along with your proteins and other nutrients in the body. This is why after your workout you need proteins and other things like that but because you depleted the minerals that stores you now depleted it, you need to replenish them after the workout. So again, this is Ben, a Precision Nutrition Coach talking about the magnesium supplements.”

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Beaufort Health and Wellness: Oxygen

“Hey! What’s going on? A quick video for you about something that is vital for your health and wellness. And this has to do with… Oxygen. All right!

So this is something that every single day should be extremely important; something that you should be conscious of and if you are unconscious of it, it can lead to pain, other health issues and tons of different ailments. Okay, so if you are not taking in the oxygen that your body needs on a daily basis, you will end up suffering a specific ailment. It could even be emotional so I want you just to try this simple trick just to show you how oxygen levels affect your perception of reality.

So picture an orange as you exhale. I want you to exhale and visualize an orange, close your eyes visualize the orange and exhale. Then I want you to inhale and visualize an apple. Okay? Take 2 seconds to do that and then tell me what you see; you can leave a comment below.

Typically what you’ll find is that as you exhale the fruit will seemed more distant and further away, right? And it will also seem like it’s dying sometimes people will say that they see maggots coming out of it or it’s something grotesque is happening to it, right? And then the apple as you inhale will be larger, bigger, more plump better colors.

The reason being as you exhale – which is also to expire – meaning like if your body feels like it’s going to expire like it’s gonna die, your brain is telling you that you’re getting rid of the action of it. That’s how the brain works on a very deep level and so it alters your perception of reality because it conserves everything else for the body to function. So you can no longer access prefrontal cortex as well with limited oxygen. Prefrontal cortex is where we’re allowed to visualize things, that’s the human part of the brain that allows us to think in the future, visualize things and create our reality. When you inhale you can see and visualize things better. So that’s just one simple thing that allows you to see the effect that oxygen has on your perception of your reality. So imagine this: you’re sitting down at your desk all day, tensed, tightened, you breathe from your chest, very shallow breathing right? And then you start to feel aches and pains in your back, you start to get headaches, all this different things pop up… Symptoms right?

So, how we should breathe? Deep belly breaths [breathing] into the belly and then out. This will not only affect your perception of reality, it will also help you digest things better, you will burn more calories and people will associate with you better; because when we look at somebody, if we sense that there in fight or flight we are going to categorize them if they’re friendly. Will they help us feed me or bring me to my goal? This is deep on the subconscious level or are they a threat to me, right? If someone’s in fight or flight, they’re typically a threat to you right? If someone’s breathing from the belly they are on a relaxed state, they are more calm, and they are more appealing to us even on an unconscious level.

So those are just small things that have the ability to affect everything so your brain will function differently, your body will function differently, you will have more energy, right? Imagine that just one simple thing that you do daily is inhaling, letting your belly expand, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. If this becomes an instinctual process, then you will change your whole day, you will feel better all around. Alright, so I hope that helps you. What we find is typically most people are living in fight or flight all day, they are tensed up, they breathe shallow in the chest and this prevents them from truly feeling good, relaxed, rested, digested completely throughout the day. Alright, so I hope this tip helps deep breaths. If you can’t do it all day, take 3 sets each day: morning or breakfast, lunch, dinner. Take 10 deep inhales into your belly, hold the breath in there for about 3 or 4 seconds and then exhale. This will actually saturate your body with oxygen you should be instantly feel relaxation and ultimately feel better. Alright so I hope that helps. Have a good day! Ian Hart checking out.”

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