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#1 Key to Post Workout Recovery!

Today I am going to teach you the BEST way to recover after an EarthFIT workout so that you will AVOID:

  • Soreness

  • Fatigue

  • Delayed Recovery

By implementing what I am going to teach you IMMEDIATELY into your daily post workout routine, you will get:

  • Leaner faster

  • Stronger faster

  • Quicken the Recovery Process

  • Decrease Soreness

  • and Increase Energy

postworkout #1 Key to Post Workout Recovery!

Research shows that those who do not consume anything post workout have a much longer recovery time (up to several days) versus those who consume nutrients post workout (as little as 24 hours). Upon further research, it is deemed necessary to consume PROTEIN post workout to help rebuild tissues that are broken down during a workout so that they can become stronger. The addition of a healthy carbohydrate source INCREASES the speed at which nutrients, especially proteins, are digested, assimilated, and shuttled to the cells for the rebuilding process.

The general rule that applies for post workout nutrition when you want to DECREASE soreness and fat while INCREASING strength and energy is the inclusion of BOTH a protein and carbohydrate source. Ideally, a FAST digesting protein, such as Metaboliq by Qivana, and a FAST digesting healthy carbohydrate, such as a serving or cup of fresh, whole fruit. Along with protein and healthy carbohydrates, it is best to get a high amount of antioxidants post workout as well. High intensity exercises produces a large amount of free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammatory responses in the cells of the body and can accelerate the aging process. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals in the body and rid the body of any traces that free radicals had been there, possibly even reversing the aging process!

Here is your action plan to help you lose fat faster, get stronger, decrease soreness, and increase your energy after each EarthFIT workout:

postworkout1 #1 Key to Post Workout Recovery!

  1. Start consuming a serving of Protein and a serving of Fruit after EVERY EarthFIT workout (starting today)

  2. Have the Protein and Fruit prepared for you so that when you get in your car to drive home after your workout, you can consume it immediately OR have it waiting for you upon arrival at home in your fridge.

  3. Start consuming my Competition Winning Shake Recipe after every EarthFIT workout to speed up your progress.

metaboliq #1 Key to Post Workout Recovery!

Do this after every EarthFIT workout and you will begin to see the results IMMEDIATELY!


Here’s what to do RIGHT NOW to start seeing the results!


Ben’s Competition Winning Shake Recipe:

Chocolate PB and J


1 – 2 servings Chocolate Metaboliq Protein Powder

1 cup Frozen Dark Sweet Cherries

2 tbsp Natural Smooth Peanut Butter

1 tbsp Ground Flaxseed

1 handful of Fresh Baby Spinach

Add to mix:Water, Unsweetened Almond Milk, etc


Place all ingredients into a blender and mix. Pour into a chilled glass and enjoy your new post workout treat!

Beaufort health and fitness: Probiotics

Beaufort health and fitness: Probiotics

“Hey guys! Ben here, Precision Nutrition Coach. Again I’ll be talking about more supplements with you. The supplement I’ll be speaking about today is going to help you improve your gut function, your digestion and then also it’s going to help boost your immune system. Thus, some questions I’d like to ask you right now are:

  • Are you currently feeling things like bloating? gassiness?
  • When you eat a meal, does it not seem to sit well? Or immediately after again you get bloated and gassy?
  • Are you currently getting acid reflux where you know again, you eat something and it just doesn’t seem to sit right.
  • Are your bowel movements irregular?
  • Are you getting sick very frequently? It seems like you’re always sick and no matter what you do you can’t get better.

This supplement is definitely for you then.

The supplement I’m specifically talking now is probiotics and here at EarthFIT we have probiotic supplement in particular by the Qivana company that we sell and this is going to help you replenish the probiotic storage within your body. You may ask yourself why do I even need a probiotic? Shouldn’t my body be getting the beneficial bacteria from things like yogurt, and other things like that. Those foods aren’t very beneficial, they don’t give you enough probiotics, and what happens is those yogurts that you’re consuming actually have more harmful ingredients like the sugar and artificial sweeteners that are killing off the probiotics within them. Other things that destroy the probiotics in the body that are going to cause all those symptoms that I spoke about earlier – the gassiness, bloating, poor digestion, sickness – are actually antibiotics.
So when you go to the doctors what do they recommend? They write you prescription and then they hand you an antibiotic and you’ll go pick it up and take it without any thinking about it. The term probiotic means for life, it promotes life. Antibiotics is against life so when the doctor writes you prescription and hands it to you it’s actually giving you something that is against life, it kills life, whereas the probiotic is beneficial for life. So, antibiotics kill off the probiotics in your gut. Other things that kill off the probiotics in your gut are artificial sweeteners. It’s a toxins to the body so again, it’s a toxin, it’s a poison, it kills things in your body. So artificial sweeteners, artificial food colorings, same thing as sweeteners, it’s toxic to the body, it kills off…

Gluten: Gluten is very inflammatory and it destroys the gut itself it destroys the microvilli which are the little particles in your gut that help assimilate and digest food and help absorb. It destroys that and really inflames the intestines so again, you’re killing off more probiotics that way. So, those are several things that you are eating without any thinking about it and then companies like the packaged food companies, they put in other chemicals and toxins that you’re not even currently aware of, they’re killing off the probiotics in the body.

So, what are the benefits of taking a probiotic? The benefits that you’re going to receive is going to be:

  • An increase in your gut function, your digestion so you’re going to have better digestion
  • Your assimilation of nutrients so you’re now digesting better. What’s going to happen is you will assimilate all the nutrients better. You may have heard of the saying “You are what you eat.” the saying should actually be you are what you digest and assimilate so the nutrients that actually get absorbed within the body are going to be the nutrients that are beneficial.
  • Other things that you’re going to benefit from taking probiotics is a boost in your immune function. I can’t even remember the last time I was sick because I currently take a probiotics daily and my sickness just stays at the minimum. I never feel down, I never have to call off work or call off when I was at school because of I was sick. I always felt well. Whereas my friends they’re always sick, they seem to come out with just a cold that everybody at the school was getting… things like that.
  • You’re going to have a decrease in the bloating, decrease in the gassiness from taking the probiotics and just you will have an overall better well being from taking the probiotics.
  • You will feel much better just throughout the day.
  • Your clothes will fit better, you will have a better self image of yourself.

So again, this is Ben, a Precision Nutrition Coach and talking about probiotics.”

red arrow Beaufort health and fitness: Probiotics CLICK HERE TO BUY

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Beaufort Health and Fitness: 4 Pillars Of Inflammation

Beaufort Health and Fitness: 4 Pillars Of Inflammation

“Hey! What’s going on? I thought of doing a video on the 4 Pillars of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress. And this is a very important topic because those are the things that create disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etcetera. And so we want to reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress but before I go on to those 4 pillars I think it’s important to explain what is inflammation. Inflammation is essentially when there’s an injury or a disease or something like that there’s increase of the blood supply to that area which is why it gets red and hot so that cytokines can help prepare the area. And so and this is just the basic aspect. It’s an immune system response, right? and keep in mind that 70-80%  of your immune system is in your gut. So that can last for days, it can last for weeks but we want to stay away from which produces disease neurological disorders to as well is chronic inflammation and chronic oxidative stress.

In today’s day, a lot of people are walking around with chronic inflammation. So if you have joint inflammation on a daily basis, weekly basis, then there’s a few things you need to analyze. Okay so, it’s gonna come from:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Your Activity Level- Exercise actually helps a good inflammatory response. Exercise can actually help reduce inflammation, right? so something like arthritis it’s actually good for it. Now if you train too hard, too much, too often which you know depending on a person could be everyday for a couple of hours a day, that would be overtraining then you could cause oxidative stress creating more free radicals when you workout you create free radicals. If you don’t have enough antioxidant to neutralize the free radicals then you get in trouble. So if there’s too much oxidative stress it can cause chronic inflammation and it can lead to you know microtrauma and inflammation.
  3. How Much Sleep- Sleep is so important for recovery, for everything. It helps you to recover from injuries, exercise, stress for the day, leading to number 4.
  4. Stress

Okay, so those are the 4 pillars of chronic inflammation. So, it’s never going to be one of those things. It’s usually a combination. So, how’s your stress level? do you have a way to deal with your stress level? do you meditate? do you go for walk in the woods? do you reduce your stress level through going to the beach? So, if you have chronic inflammation, that is one way. Improving your sleep; Sleeping better, if you have an issue with sleep you know some people deal with insomnia, there’s certain ways that you could help that out, food is a good way, not drinking coffee, not drinking alcohol, those are proven to keep you from going into REM sleep which is where most of the recovery process is done, right? So exercising, for the most part I don’t know… I know very few people who over train, very very few. Most people under train. They train 2-3x a week, that is not over training, that is not enough to cause chronic inflammation and the joint. Someone said to me “I think it’s the heavy weights that I’m using.” It’s not possible if you train an hour a week to have chronic inflammation from that. You should look at the other areas and number 1 specially nowadays would be nutrition. So you can be putting bad fats into your body that cause more oxidative stress, that cause more inflammation or genetically modified foods that change the gut bacteria that cause more inflammation so, a good bacteria in your gut helps reduce inflammation, bad bacteria can raise oxidative stress and inflammation. So, cleaning your diet right? gluten can cause an autoimmune response because of the proteins look like a parts of our body and if it gets in the bloodstream the immune system will actually attack the protein and it could attack your joints because it has it’s similar make up, it has protein and gluten.

So, you know… what are you responding to? Dairy? do you have an issue with dairy? Do you have an issue with gluten? Do you have an issue with…whatever. Some people have different allergies that cause inflammation so everybody is different and figuring those things out will…”  [Video cut off at the end]


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Beaufort Health and Fitness: Watch Your Mouth…

Hey EF Fam,

You are a creator…

Your words are powerful.

what you say “MATTERS”

So much so, that your words manifest physical matter.

Every thought, every word, every feeling, every action

is creating your “reality show”, creating the

world you live in, is creating the body you have

is creating your state of health, mind and spirit.

Each word and statement carries with it a vibration

and those vibration are like radio frequencies being transmitted

to create your “reality show” those words are shaping your perception and reception to the world.

Catch my drift?

Don’t believe me?

Repeat after me out loud and see the difference in the vibration of your body.

“I can”
“I am”
“I will”
“I love”
“I choose”
“I create”
“I enjoy”

How did your body feel?

Now try this…
“I want”
“I need”
“I should”
“You should”

Feel the difference in how your body feels?

Your feelings lead to actions and your actions create your life.

Most of the time it is not taking the “ACTION” that keeps

people over weight and unhealthy but it all leads back to thought and words. Choose your words wisely icon smile Beaufort Health and Fitness: Watch Your Mouth...

Committed to your success,


P.S. You will be raising your vibrations through words you choose to live by when you join the The Thrive Project workshop on Wednesday, May 27th at 5:30pm-8pm. In this workshop we will be digging deep into how to gain more clarity, purpose and meaning so that in can permeate into the rest of your life including fitness. More details to come.

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Xbody Training Experience

Just finished up xbody training and my whole body is already sore. The electrodes stimulate the muscles to the designated degree created by the trainer. It was only 20 minutes long but enough to make you feel it. It was cool to try out but I it’s not my cup of tea, I like heavy weights and explosive movements icon smile Xbody Training Experience . I definitely recommend trying it out though.

“Hey! What’s up? It’s Ian Hart here. (“I can take a picture of you”, Yeah sure! I want you to film me…) So I’m here in Paris right now and I’m about to do this training called Xbody Training and right now he’s filling up a pads here with water so that conducts the electricity and then that stimulates the muscles right? (“Yes”). And so I’m about to start the training, I’ll let you know how it goes, I’ve been testing out different training while I’ve been out here and first time I did crossfit yesterday but anyways, I’ll let you know how it goes I might give you a video of me doing the actual training and I got my trainer right here say hi! (“Hi!”). Alright! Talk to you later.”

“Alright so right now I’m in Xbody, you can see I have a suit on and what they do is electrically stimulate all the muscles throughout the body. Pretty awesome, pretty intense. And so if I get a chance, I’m gonna have… film me the actual workout.”

I was sore for 5 days from this!

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