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EarthFIT Quote of the Day: Fear and Courage

IMG 2797 EarthFIT Quote of the Day: Fear and Courage

“Fear Is Like The Sun Setting , Courage Is Like Using Your Inner Flashlight…” -Ian Hart

EarthFIT Quote of the Day: Be Grateful For Everything

IMG 2796 EarthFIT Quote of the Day: Be Grateful For Everything

“Be Grateful For the Sun, The Moon, The Trees, The Wind… Actually Be Grateful For Everything” -Ian Hart

Beaufort Personal Trainer: A Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Beaufort Personal Trainer: A Workout You Can Do Anywhere

“Hey! Good Morning! So, I’m back in the spot where I came when I first landed in Thailand and I’m doing a little workout on a beach but the truth is yesterday I was in a tiny tiny hotel room…and I didn’t workout and I’m gonna incorporate what I did yesterday or two days ago with today.

And so, training is supposed to be a slight progression of the things you did before without killing yourself right? It’s not generally good to be sore all the time. I’m training two times a week for only half an hour then maybe that might be the case because that’s the only stimulants you’re getting but for example today I’m doing 10 sprints. Each sprint getting faster and faster until around 8, 9 and 10 or my max sprints and jogging back in between so there’s no rests. About 8-9 rep my heart rate should be very high so I haven’t stopped my cardio and then after that, I’m gonna do what I did back in the hotel room it doesn’t take any space at all: 3 sets of 30 pushups and 30 squat jumps alright no resting on the pushups, no resting on the squat jumps but in between taking about a minute. And so, that workout with the warm up included takes about 15-20 minutes. It gets my metabolic heart rate going or stimulates my metabolic systems because my heart rate up and it gets me ready to start the day. When I start the day off like this I’m energized, more focused, mentally ready, and hopefully I’ll sleep better on my foot. Alright, so again all you need is space and a little motivation to get going and pretty much you can do workout anywhere. Alright, and sometimes it’s the accountability and the motivation and inspiration that really gets you going so hopefully this can inspire somebody who’s either on vacation, or doesn’t have the means to get to a gym.

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed it and this is Ian Hart checking out from Nai Yang Beach.”

EarthFIT Quote of the Day: Fear and Courage

IMG 2795 EarthFIT Quote of the Day: Fear and Courage

“Fear Is A Disease… Courage Is Its Remedy” -Ian Hart

Beaufort health and fitness: Core Values

“I got a ton of great feedback on the last video I did so I thought I would expand on it more. It was early morning and was just gathering my thoughts so bare with me icon smile Beaufort health and fitness: Core Values

Beaufort health and fitness: Core Values

“Hey! Good morning! It’s Ian Hart and thought of doing a video to expand on what I was speaking about in the last video I sent about a few days ago. I got a ton of great feedback and so I thought I would give a little bit more in regards to that topic so that it could help people move towards their goals faster and with more clarity.

So, I spoke about core values and how important it is to move forward towards their goals and when you have core values and you dig deep into what your core values are, what your passions are, then it gives you more direction and clarity. Alright so, as with the map if you want to go somewhere first, you need to know where you’re at and then only then can you move forward. And so it’s the same thing the core values as you define your core values you essentially have more meaning in your life and when you have more meaning you have more value.

Alright so, it’s a symbiotic relationship: you have meaning which creates value. And then, creates more meaning and then creates more value. And so, life continues on like that as we add meaning to it, we add more value to it. For example, a relationship has value only when it has meaning right? Someone has passed away you don’t know, someone across the world passes away and you find out about it or you might hear about it you might say “Oh it’s terrible!” but it’s not traumatic because that relationship doesn’t have value but when someone close to you passes away it’s traumatic because that relationship has meaning and value. And so if you have a good relationship with yourself then you have meaning and value in that relationship. The more you’re going to take care of your health, the more you’re going to expect all the things that enter your mind, your body, your spirit, your soul and then ultimately, you’re going to add more value to your life and to your relationship and everything around you will seem better, have more direction, purpose, clarity. And so, the more value you give your life the better everything else is, the more you will take care of yourself, the more love you will show yourself and others.

So, you know people come into us for training and they’ll say things like “Oh you know it’s expensive or you know I’m just not ready to do it…” but they’re in the position where they’re in dire need of health and so those people just don’t value their health and they don’t see the value in their health and if they had a solid foundation of core principles, core beliefs, core passions, they knew who they are, what they are about then they might see more value in a training program or taking the first step forward in a training program. So, I hope that helps expanding on the core values concept. This is something that we are going to implement into the EarthFIT program for those that are interested… and yeah, I’ll be back implementing these core values into our program for those that are interested in it and so this will help everybody move forward towards their goals and then actually will help every aspect of their life. And so I’m excited to bring that to EarthFIT.

Alright, Ian Hart here signing out from Nai Yang Beach in Thailand. Alright have a great day and I’m checking out!”


EarthFIT Quote of the Day

2831 EarthFIT Quote of the Day

Beaufort Fitness: Change or Transform?

Would you rather “change” or “transform” when you start a fitness program? Defining your core values can be the first step in the transformation process in fitness or anything in life and is essential to creating a success map. Do you have a define set of core values? If so, let me know below icon smile Beaufort Fitness: Change or Transform?

Beaufort Fitness: Change or Transform?

“Hey! What’s going on? I’m on my third day here in Thailand at Nai Yang beach right now we have a reprieve from the work we’re doing and everything is going great and I thought of create a video talking about some of stuff that we’re doing here and how it translates to what we do in fitness and with our business specifically EarthFIT and when people come in our door, so if you’re a client listen to this. You come in our door you are looking for a change, you want to see something change in your body, maybe in your mind, spirit, whatever it is you are looking for a change… And what I want to see happen is a transformation and that’s my goal for you when you come in the door. And, transformation would be a change to a permanent degree and it happens on a brain level. If you change your behavior for a short period of time and you go back to it, that is not a transformation. So ultimately the goal is that your brain changes and this happens on a neuroscience level on a Basal Ganglia a part of a brain where when that changes subconscious and that subconscious change has been a transformation to a permanent degree.

And so, with so much uncertainty in the world today, there’s so much you have control over right? You don’t have control over you know someone driving on the opposite side of the street, you don’t have control over other people, you don’t have control over the weather but what you do have control over is yourself, your beliefs, your belief systems, and invariably what I find is that most people don’t have a solid foundation in their belief system and so they have uncertainty on themselves and then they go out into the world that is uncertain and then you have a massive uncertainty to the nth power and so that creates a stressful and threatening environment. But, if you get clear on who you are, what your beliefs are or what your values are, who you are as a person and being true to yourself right to thy own self, be true as Shakespeare said or Socrates know that self. The more you know yourself, the more you can change and transform because if you don’t know yourself, who you are, where you are coming from, where you are going, you don’t have a map. And if you have goals set in place then, it really doesn’t matter what those goals are if you don’t know what is making you think and why you need to go and get to them then it’s going to be harder to achieve those goals and then it’s going to be harder to transform.

So, finding out your three core values would be the first step in finding out who you are, what resonates with you. For example, my core values are: faith, so faith that I have confidence. Trust and a belief that universe is conspiring to work with me and for me for the ultimate greater good. And then, gratitude is that I have appreciation. I wake up and I am thankful to be alive, I appreciate what I have. And then lastly courage, that I have the courage to speak from my heart, to do the thing that I might be fearful of doing but still stepping up and actually doing it. I might be scared, you know I was scared to actually leave and come on this retreat but I knew it was I had to do to grow and to take me to the next level. It’s uneasy to leave my business, to leave my family, to leave things that are comfortable. It takes me out of the comfort zone and I live those values, I’ve perpetually lived in discomfort. I mean, as most business owners know starting your own thing, creating your own thing is extremely discomforting especially in the beginning but so I live in courage to take me through that discomfort. And even though I’m scared and fearful that I’ll still take the action that I know and in my heart needs to be done. And so when I wake up everyday with those three things then I have more certainty in my life and therefore, it can transform the rest of my day and the rest of my world. And so I encourage you to figure out what 3 values you hold dear and closest to you that can help guide you and stir you throughout the day.

Alright, so this is Ian Hart signing out from Nai Yang beach in Thailand. I hope you enjoyed the message, let me know what you think.”

Beaufort Personal Trainer: Workout Anywhere At Anytime…

Clients often ask us what they can do when they are not able to make it in to EarthFIT because of travel schedules. You don’t need a gym or weights to get a good workout in. You also do need tons of time. All you need is your body a little motivation to get started (especially if your jet lag smile emoticon. My first training this morning I did 3 sets of 5 reps sprinting and 3 sets of 30 push ups. It was a 10 minute training session and enough to burn some calories, get my blood flowing and my mind right.

Beaufort Personal Trainer: Workout Anywhere At Anytime…

“Hey! What’s up? It’s the first morning here in Thailand I mean Nai Yang Beach and the beach is completely empty. It’s 6AM. I woke up at 4AM this morning, did some homework and now I’m chilling on the beach and about to do my workout. I got a perfect place for sprinting.

So as the sun rises, I’m going to do some sprint training. This is hard sand. So, I’ve only been in Thailand for about 12 hours now and it’s an absolutely beautiful country and I’ve only seen one of thousands of it and yeah I like it so far. So here’s my sprint training I am about to do and then pretty much all body weight training here because they don’t really have much gym so I can get a workout anywhere at anytime with sprinting, push ups, pull ups, squat jumps, walking lunges and I might check out some of the muay thai gyms they have here which their world’s famous for obviously since it’s Thailand.

Alright so here’s day 1 at the Thailand and about to get my workout before my intensive retreat starts with Dax Moy and just want to drop you guys the line and say what’s up? that you know I’m working out hard here and going to bring back some nuggets that we can share with the rest of the team.”

Gut Check…

Hey EF Fam,

It is in my opinion based on years of experience and studying the gut/brain connection, the majority of Americans have gut issues that are leading to a myriad of health issues.

brain guts Gut Check...

It has been proven that the gut, beginning with our mouth is the body’s first line of defense and 80% of your immune system. Also, your gut chemistry is directly linked to your brain chemistry. The wrong foods can wreak havoc on your mental, physical and emotional capacities and lead to ailments never even considered a gut issue to begin with. The typical answer to the problem is usually a medication that doesn’t fix the problem and in fact may make it worse.

The over consumption of processed foods, GMO’s, alcohol, sugar, antibiotics and pesticides are largely to blame for this. To eat healthy these days you have to be super cautious… but if you love yourself you would thoroughly inspect all things that enter your mind, heart, body and spirit, wouldn’t you?

Allergies and food sensitivities are not so simple to detect either. I have seen people live for years eating something their body has a severe reaction to that created:

  • joint pain
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • itchiness
  • muscle aches
  • sleep disruption
  • Ect.

Once eliminated, the depression faded, sleep was better, weight loss increased, energy improved, skin was clearer. You get the point!

The things is, all the things I listed to blame for the gut issues, almost 90% or more of the population has a sensitivity with at least a few of those things.

A good place to start to correct a gut issues or reveal sensitivities is with an elimination diet.

You can find out more about it here courtesy of Precision Nutrition

You might feel even ok with your diet but imagine if what you ate
made you feel AMAZING! You don’t know what you haven’t experienced and life might be better with the removal of foods you are sensitive to.

Committed to your success,


P.S. In May we will be launching a nutrition workshop and presentation so that you can gain more clarity on how to eat for faster results and maximal energy, strength and health. More details to come.

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