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Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

Countless times a week, “Coach, whats a good, quick snack to eat before my workout?”

 popeye11 Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

In todays world they’re are numerous supplemental  ”pre-workouts” on the market. So which one is right for you? Don’t feel pressured by shiny labels and  mis-educated salespeople trying to make a buck at your expense. Now I’m not saying all these powdery substances are bad, is their a better way to obtain the benefits? perhaps. Is there a healthier way to retain the reward that these supplements produce? DEFINITELY. Educate yourself on these products before you buy blind.

Most people do not realize that very few products/supplements are FDA approved or any sort of banned substance free tested. While pre workout supplements are often effective, research has proven that none have been more or equal to as effective as naturally obtaining nutrients and the benefits from food. When picking a pre workout snack, try to consume something that will help increase “VASODILATION”.

But first… What is vasodilation?

Web MD defines vasodilation as…

Vasodilation: Widening of blood vessels that results from relaxation of the muscular walls of the vessels. What widens in vasodilation is actually the diameter of the interior (lumen) of the vessel.

Also meaning, widening the walls of the vessels to allow for more  oxygen rich blood and nutrient dense cells to be pumped through the body, ultimately allowing for a better performance.

vasodilation Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

What will vasodilation do to me?

Increasing blood flow to working muscle groups through increased vasodilation has the potential to increase work capacity during both aerobic and anaerobic performance.

What foods will help naturally increase vasodilation in you?

Foods high in Nitrates

nitrate in beets Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

What foods contain Nitrates?

leafy vegetables Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

Vegetables such as dark leafy greens, Beets, collard greens, lettuce, beets, carrots, green beans, spinach, parsley, cabbage, radishes, celery etc. Further, the longer fresh vegetable juice sits, the greater the conversion of nitrates to nitrites, so you should drink fresh vegetable juice as quickly as you can.

Beetroots are extremely high in anion, and nitrates, which is concentrated in the saliva and absorbed by the gut. Nitrate is converted to nitrite in your body almost immediately by bacteria on your tongue. As long as the nitrite is not converted to large amounts of harmful nitrosamines in your stomach, nitrite eventually becomes nitric oxide in your blood, which can relax your blood vessels.

How will the role of nitric oxide (derived from nitrates) enhance my performance

Increasing N.O. can be beneficial for individuals due to its role in regulating blood flow, neurotransmission, immune function, blood sugar regulation, calcium regulation and muscle contraction. Potentially, there could be additional for athletes and people whom perform regularly, as it may help to increase oxygen in contracting muscles decrease adenosine triphosphate (ATP, a form of energy) cost during exercise, increase tolerance to long term high intensity exercise and time to exhaustion.

When should I eat these foods?

kid dad veggies lg2 Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

These meals/ items are a great anytime snack, however to help enhance your workout 2 hours for maximum absorption and studies have shown even up to 30 minutes prior of your workout is in an ideal window to consume to allow maximum absorption of nutrients and energy from the goods. Consuming these nitrate rich foods just prior to high intensity exercise may help by increasing a workout by increasing the amount of time before lactic acid builds up. Note to self that everyone is different, trial and error is the best way to test results for yourself.

Also to help energize yourself for the day, these antioxidant rich foods are a great way to kick start your day and give you the fuel you need to last through those long hours of the day.

What if I don’t eat them?

Now not to say that not eating these foods will negatively affect your workout, however  certainly eating them will positively affect your workout.

Try these quick drink recipes for an even quicker energy and performance boost!

Quick Drink Recipes

berrysmo Fitness Nutrition For Faster Results (Fueling your workout)

Beet & Berry Smoothie

2 tbsp beet-juice

1 cup berries, of your choice

¼ cup orange juice, fresh is best

½ cup almond milk

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!


The “Beet IT” Smoothie

1 banana

1 tbsp beet-juice

½ cup yogurt, vanilla

1 tbsp honey

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!


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Debra Wein, Kelly Murphy
Beetroot Juice Supplementation and exercise

Written By Jackson Davis

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Beaufort Fitness: Weight Training

There are a few misconceptions about weight training. Many people associate weight training with muscle bound body builders and pro football players. It is true that people with super fit bodies get that way by including weight training in their Beaufort fitness plan, but weight training is not what creates bulky muscles. In fact, weight training is an ideal way to speed up weight loss. It is also a great way to ward off aging and to increase energy. It’s really simple actually. EarthFIT has the equipment and a Beaufort personal trainer know how that can get you on your way to a healthier, fitter you.

ian hart kettle bell Beaufort Fitness: Weight Training

One of the best ways to fight the aging process and to increase core strength is through Beaufort fitness: weight training. Getting older does not mean you have to become frail. Through weight training you can increase your strength and improve your general Beaufort fitness level. The stamina that you increase through the proper use of weights during your training session will easily help you to shed pounds and shave off the years. There is scientific evidence that supports the idea that a good weight-training program will actually turn back the clock and fight osteoporosis.

For the ladies that shy away from weight training because they fear getting “bulky” rest assured the professional staff at EarthFIT understand how the body works and can help you to tone up without the bulk. Most people don’t realize that by adding weights to your workout you are seriously increasing the benefit of your workouts. Adding weight training to your routine will directly translate into your everyday life and improve your performance in other activities making them easier to accomplish.

Women lifting weights Beaufort Fitness: Weight Training

You can sculpt your body to get a longer leaner look by using the right amount of weights progressively, and doing the right exercises, but attempting to figure out what to do and how much to use on your own might be a bit difficult. In many cases people that have set out to do this on their own have found that they were not achieving the results that they expected and some even injured themselves by using the weights wrong with incorrect form (they might have even had a less-than-reputable trainer).

So they watch their investment go to waste and wind up selling their equipment turned clothes hanger at a garage sale. The professionals at EarthFIT can provide you with the guidance that you need to get the look that you want. You do not have to take on the task of designing a plan and sticking to it alone, EarthFIT can be your specialized support system.

The luxury of a personal trainer that can show you the ropes is not exclusively linked to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, just about anyone can afford to use the services at EarthFIT. The real question is; can you afford not to? It is actually cost effective to train at EarthFIT when you compare it to buying the equipment and the risk that you take having at it alone. Of course there are other gyms that offer the same equipment but what really sets EarthFIT apart is the Beaufort personal trainers that are there for YOU.

There is no doubt that the benefits are tremendous! EarthFIT can help you look and feel your very best through weight training. At EarthFIT all your excuses will go right out the window. You will want to be there and take advantage of this great program.

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