EarthFIT Detox

EarthFIT Detox Catie

“Before I started the detox here at EarthFIT, I suffered from chronic hives for 4 years of my life, I went to see so many doctors for the first year it happened. They wanted to give me Z-pacs, shots, all these medicines. Finally, I spoke to someone who mentioned that Zyrtec might help so in the past 4 years I kept Zyrtec in my system the entire time so that was really my main goal going in was how maybe, maybe I could get rid of the hives; maybe I can stop taking the allergy medicine all together. The second thing is that everyday was different, but some days I’d be super foggy headed, I couldn’t think clear, I would second guess myself that kind of thing. And the third thing is I wanted to improve my sleep habits. I couldn’t sleep very well and in turn just didn’t have very much energy.

After I did the detox, I started I guess it was about a month ago today. I haven’t had any hives since the second day I started. I haven’t taken any kind of medication, no allergy medicine…nothing like that, I feel better not waking up in the middle of the night scratching and itching. I feel amazing; I can think clear. I am currently studying and I’ve noticed that my study habits have improved. I’m retaining information more when I’m reading. I can focus more and I’ve never considered myself a heavy sleeper but after the detox I sleep 3-9 and my alarm goes off and I feel great in the morning so I feel like I have more energy and I’m definitely sleeping better.

The only thing I was skeptical about was I think just all the supplements that we have to take but then after I learned you know you’re just replenishing the vitamins and minerals that you’re losing. That was the only thing I was skeptical about and after I started and learned a little bit more about it…it was definitely worth it! The biggest highlight was just how much energy I have now and during, you know they’re everyday during the detox is different, but I would get in that  sauna and I would get out and just like have this burst of energy. You know it can be hard sometimes, but after you get out of the sauna and you have this energy, and then now afterwards I am just more energetic. I think that’s been a biggest, it’s been changed my life completely. I’d would definitely recommend this program to anyone. I mean, just my skin is clear, I’m sleeping better. Even if you aren’t experiencing a chronic condition I think that everyone can improve from doing the detox.”

EarthFIT Detox Karen O.

“Before the detox, I felt like I was more irritable at times depressed, emotional. I was never getting a good night sleep; I would toss and turn all night long and I think that was because of the emotional stress that I would carry. The stress that I have with my job and after I did the detox program and throughout the detox program as I went through it… what I realized is I got more energy, I felt less tired, I very much felt more positive about myself. I didn’t seem to have that emotional stress that I carried before the detox program so that I felt my workouts were much better, I have a lot of energy when I workout and I think the detox program what it did to me personally was help me realize that the energy that I have now after the detox program is so much more positive than what I have before in the detox program and I think that’s a reflection of how successful the program was for me. I think the physical changes: I felt lighter physically, I felt like I had more energy as I went through the program on my workouts. I sweated a lot more when I was working out so I felt like my workout works stronger and better. And I do feel like my skin felt and looked better.

If you’re interested in really improving your overall health then definitely this is the program I would recommend because I feel so much better coming out of the detox program than where I was before that I’d definitely recommend it. I wish this program was offered to more than the local community here. I’ve told everybody, my family about it and tell people out of town; they were like “Wow that sounds really awesome; I wish they had it in my area…” so I definitely would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in continuing to improve their health.”  

EarthFIT Detox Melina

“Because again I’ve tried everything and I’m like “Oh Wow! This actually works and you don’t have to do much. It’s like all of those expensive stuff I you know pill and potions, creams and stuff I mean this was definitely the best thing I’ve ever that you know for my skin. I mean I’ve always done juice cleanses, I’ve done water fasts, I’ve done different things like that and I would say that this is definitely an easier way than like not eating, starving yourself every week. I really enjoyed this process way more than doing like any of those traditional cleanses. It’s nice to be in the sauna. It felt good to be in the sauna and then you know you don’t have to starve. This process was way better than doing a typical cleanse for mental clarity.

I think you know the whole thing about your mind is really kind of the biggest, skin… that’s great but really like kind of if you are clearing out your how you think into a way that’s, you know, you can be more calm and focused just addresses you know impacts every part of your life for the better. The big thing too is I’m not craving sweets or junk food. That’s part of clearing your mind out you know like not having anxiety or not having those food cravings. Now I’m like feeling in a kind of better calm state, I feel like reset where sort of like you know resetting a computer, clearing out all those files it’s like runs more efficiently. It makes everything easier in terms of working out, exercising and your mood. All of them.”

EarthFIT Detox Carson

“I’m very very focused and kind of passionate about growing old as comfortably as I can you know and not dealing with hopefully cancer, or any kind of major health issues so anything that I can do to prevent that kind of stuff I’m going to try as far as I can to do it so that’s probably the main reason that I did the detox. For me it was just kind of setting myself up for success in old age.

Comparing before the detox to after the detox, I would say that my mood is much better, I have an overall sense of  just really feeling good, feeling centered, calm, just emotionally stronger but also calm at the same time. Physically, okay I definitely feel… I feel stronger, I feel like I can give more during my workouts. I think you can’t separate that emotional calm and peace does translate into an overall just feeling relaxed, my body feels relaxed but strong at the same time. The stress of life and things that come up are never gonna stop coming up. You’re always going to have adversity but I feel like I can just handle them better now. They don’t worry me so much. I kind of know that there’s a resolution and it’s coming. I don’t worry about things that I used to worry about, things that were out of your control, I know they’re there and know that they’re going to happen, but I know that I will stay calm and focused through it. So it makes me really feel good to know that.
You just have to do it. I mean there really is no good reason not to do it, and I do not think there’s one person that would do the detox and not feel very, very grateful for doing it. I mean it’s a very powerful thing. I would recommend this to everybody. I think every person, everybody should do it. There’s no harm in doing it you know if you’re coming from a healthy place… I think everybody should do it. Huge, huge benefits…probably the biggest motivating factor for me was being able to help me stay as healthy as I can.”    

EarthFIT Detox Richard O.

EarthFIT Detox Richard O.

“I have been a member of EarthFit shortly after they started their Lady’s Island location.  I have always been impressed at who Ian and his staff continue to evolve their programming for the benefit of their clients.  The recent Detox program is a perfect example.  While I fell that I am eating better and exercising more consistently than ever, when I heard of the Detox program and read the accompanying book, I knew that I had to give it a try.  I grew up around chemicals and pesticides and my father had Bladder Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease both of which evidence points to the use of pesticides as a possible contributing factor.  The possibility of ridding these heavy metals and chemicals from my body is very appealing.  

Having completed the Detox program, I can say that I feel more alert and I have noticed that my tastes have changed significantly with respect to such things as sweetners and coffee.  While I cannot say with the certainty of empirical evidence that the toxins I grew up with have left my body, I can say that I shared the same experiences as noted in the books: brain fogginess, change in body odor, and general malaise, but as I progressed I could see my sell having better focus, having much better workouts and just being happier, calmer and steadier.  

I would highly recommend this program.  But I have to warn you, it is a big commitment and it is not easy, but then neither was that first year at EarthFit but the mind and body transformation is a heck of a reward!”