Success Stories

Taylor is down 53 pounds! ‘I’m at a weight I haven’t been at since I was a Senior/Freshman in college!’

“Before EarthFIT I was lazy, did a lot of binge eating and lay around on the couch doing nothing. NOW…my energy levels have skyrocketed, I no longer binge eat which was a huge problem for me. EarthFIT is a great atmosphere to be around. Once you have tried it you will be hooked and never want to leave!…”



At 51years old she has incredible strength! Maria is Deadlifting over 315lbs, Squatting over 225lbs and Bench Pressing 135lbs!

“I am in the best shape I have ever been and I keep progressing! My favorite part about EarthFIT is family, how I feel when I come here! You guys love all of us as a family and want to see the best in everyone who walks in.”



Pat is down 9 pounds of fat!
“The difference of training at EarthFIT versus other places is the Coaches. I trained at home for 10 years. I had come to a point that I couldn’t go any further. Coming to EarthFIT is a life changing experience. They push you further and get you results. At 55years old, I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in and that is saying a lot? Without that push you don’t get the body!”


“My daughter asked me when my mom died, if I was going to go to heaven soon too because I was unhealthy like my mom and I, I didn’t want her to be afraid that she was gonna lose me. Before EarthFIT, my life was very unhealthy and I was not very active and I spent a lot of time at home and not doing much. I wasn’t confident. I didn’t want to go out. I wasn’t social. I didn’t do a lot of interactive things with my kids and I just was kind of a homebody. My cholesterol is perfectly fine now. My inflammation levels are perfectly fine now. I’ve learned how to eat the right way and eat the right foods. And doing that I’ve also made my family healthy. My dad just came to me and he’s like, I don’t know how I did it, but I lost 12 pounds. 

I said this because you don’t eat junk anymore because I don’t eat junk and I cook food. So I’ve gotten everybody else in my family healthy along with me by what I’m doing. I’ve gotten strong and I’ve gotten healthy and people are watching me. And so, you know, every time I come to the gym, someone says to me, Oh my gosh, you look great, how are you doing it? And I always say I come regularly and I’m watching what I eat and I’m following a program and I’m doing things I’m supposed to be doing. And it’s, you can do it too. And people that don’t know how much I weigh before are shocked when I say I used to weigh 80 pounds more and they can’t believe that I did it. Well, How do you do that? Well, I came to EarthFIT. 

The biggest thing I was skeptical about is that I have never been a gym person. I have never, I’ve always been the overweight out of shape, just okay, I’ll run on a treadmill for 20 minutes and call it good kinda girl. Like I’m not weight lifting, I’m not an endurance, I’m not a fit person. So coming to EarthFIT and seeing what there is to do here, I didn’t think I could do it like there, it just was beyond my capabilities. So I was very, very hesitant and having several people I know come here and say, no, you can do it. Trust me, you can do it. Just go and have your assessment. Just go talk to Ian, talk to Whitney, the hardest part in the whole thing is getting in the door the first time because it is a scary thing to think about. But because I never thought that this was anything that I could do, but now there is nothing there that I can’t do and I’ve done so much more than I ever thought I possibly could. 

I would recommend it to everybody. Any age, any fitness level, any injury, any anything. I have referred to my friends that have had multiple back surgeries who are now working out here. And I’ve, you know, I’ve had people that don’t even live in the state come and follow you online and do programs that you have online. And I don’t think it matters if you’re 200 pounds overweight or 20 pounds overweight. I don’t think it matters if you have knee problems or back problems or shoulder problems or whatever I think there’s anything that anybody has, that could use an excuse. There’s no hurdle that you guys can’t work with.”

The first picture was the month before she joined EarthFIT and now she is super woman! Her energy is infectious and she is a HUGE inspiration to the whole community.



Beaufort Fat Loss







-Chris B.-




“Before EarthFIT I had gone to other gyms, and the workouts were very inconsistent and the coaches were not exactly well trained like they are at EarthFIT and my results were inconsistent. After EarthFIT I have felt totally different.
First of all I feel supported here. The trainers are interested in my goals, they check in with me everytime I walk in the door and just before I walk out the door. I love losing weight but more importantly is that I gained muscle, which means my body is healthier. My body is stronger! I was worried EarthFIT was too intense for me, too serious and it could be any more different than that. It’s very positive, they’re motivating, they educate you, give you individualized attention but it isn’t overwhelming. If someone is skeptical about joining EarthFIT, I say ‘Just try it! Come give it a shot!'”



“Before EarthFIT I was sedentary, I was not working out. Basically working, doing nothing that was active.
After EarthFIT I am very active. I go for walks. I am here 4 days a week. My life is so much better! My results now that I am training are that I feel so much better, my arms look better, my legs look better, mentally I feel better, physically…everything is better! I was skeptical about joining EarthFIT but Now that I am here I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Just jump in and do it!”





Before EarthFIT, I have always exercised cardio, yoga, all sorts of different things, but I had plateaued. And when I turned 50, I realized I needed more, I wanted more for my body and brain. I was skeptical about all gyms, which is why I never joined one. And, I just didn’t see the point of it if I could do it at home on my own, I have done individual training. I did the beach body programs with Shaun T the insanity. And I did those regularly and I saw results with them but then, you know, again, I plateaued and I needed the individual encouragement and pushing, and knowing I could do more. The things I thought I could do when I got here, I found that I couldn’t do them or I was doing them wrong the whole time, which I think is why I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see. I’ve strengthened and toned my body and my brain. I was worried that I was going to become feeble-minded and weak as I age. And I certainly feel stronger in both areas. I’ve been doing this almost a year now. And, I, everybody I see, I say they need to come, I tell them my story that I was skeptical about all gyms for 25, 30 years, I never did. And what I’ve seen in myself in the past year has just totally been worth it, wish I started earlier.



Courtney has burned off 10.8 pounds of fat and is down 11 pounds!? “EarthFIT is a “Huge Stress Reliever for me!”

“I needed to be at a place that kept me motivated, accountable and on a routine. EarthFIT has done that and so much more!

Since joining EF I can tell the difference. It is so beneficial to my health, heart and mind! I have no stress or anxiety. I look forward to coming! My pants fit looser, I am stronger, my posture is better and I have more confidence. After my morning training at EarthFIT, I look forward to my entire day because I know that I started my day out accomplishing something great!

When someone asks me about EarthFIT or is still skeptical, I tell them ‘The encouragement of the place, the positivity and the availability to format workouts individually are wonderful…Give EarthFIT a try!!'”



“Before EarthFIT, my life was mostly just kind of hanging around the house, not a lot of activity certainly wasn’t very strong. Now after EarthFIT, especially now that I’ve been coming five days a week, it’s so much different. I sleep so much better. I have so much more energy during the day. I’m so much stronger.

I remember when I first started, I couldn’t do anything really at my first initial assessment, doing lunges was hard and now I feel like it’s, I’m so much better at doing everything. I have so much more energy now, I’m much stronger. I remember when I first started, it was a struggle for me to be doing things with like 10 pound dumbbells. 

So, I’m just so much more able to move around and so much stronger and have definitely built some muscle mass. I’ve been to every other kind of gym that there is and being in a small group setting is so great because you not only get what one-on-one coaching from you guys, which is awesome, but there’s also other people to kind of help you along the way with both how to do things and just some camaraderie.

I think a lot of people see videos on Facebook to get their initial taste of what EarthFIT might be like and so seeing so many positive results, I think makes anyone skeptical about anything, but actually coming into the gym and seeing that as real and that all of the coaches put in so much work to everybody and it’s so individualized, all of that skepticism just floats away the first class that you have.

I would recommend EarthFIT to anyone who’s interested in doing any kind of movement. I would give them my phone number. Even if you feel like you can’t do anything right now, and you mostly just hang out on the couch, you guys are so good at taking people from absolutely nothing to wherever it is that they want to be. The hardest part of getting over it, I think is just coming in the door the first time meeting you guys, everybody is so easygoing and so truly interested in helping people, which is hard to find.”



Peg is an outstanding example of age doesn’t matter, it’s just a number! She’s 79 y/o, trains hard and looks amazing. She Bench Presses 35 lbs dumbbells, Trap Bar Deadlifting 100 lbs, and does Pull Ups on the bar!

“I should’ve come here 10 years ago. I’m older, very much a senior citizen. I knew my strength was decreasing. EarthFIT stepped in and saved me! I’m to the point now where I just feel fabulous and I can play tennis very competitively with my friends who are 20 years younger!”



“Before EarthFIT I lived a sedentary life, for all that I worked actively with horses, teaching and training. I have done that for so many years my body was well accustomed to it. So I felt a need to change things up.

I was concerned with increasing strength, flexibility and balance. Not quite a year in the program AND that has occurred! I have an amazing level of stamina. I can be on my feet for hours and maintain! I’m sleeping better at night, taking better care of myself. It’s 100% turn around! I have a great deal of arthritis and what I have found is that I have increased my mobility and my function because of this program. It is worth the time and effort when you really get down to it, it’s not a huge amount of time you’re putting in, it’s the quality of what they are doing with you during that time. I would highly recommend EarthFIT to anyone else.”




“Before joining EarthFIT I was tired, overweight, sluggish. After joining EarthFIT energy, confidence, strength. I recommend EarthFIT to anyone…Absolutely! Great experience, and good atmosphere. Don’t be skeptical. Best thing I ever did!”





“In one session, I got more than I got. I have received from doctors, psychiatrist, medications, psychological medications in one session and I’m 54 years old. And I had been struggling with this literally my entire life. I was 24/7 stress. I’m a jaw clincher. So, I have issues with my jaw, but I’ve also, I’m 54. I have ground my teeth in my sleep. I stressed so much, my stress was that great. You know, life can give you PTSD and my life had and I did psychologist, psychiatrist, all kinds of medications and then it almost killed me. It literally put me in the hospital. I stayed depressed a lot of times. I tried to work through it so you have a lot of emotional stress than compounding mental stress and they are different and they take a toll on your body. 

And so I tried, we had a program here at EarthFIT, there’s meditation and breathing techniques and so forth. And I thought, okay, I’m going to take this class, for an hour and I learned some breathing because I need to learn breathing technique. And one session I got more than I got. I have received from doctors, psychiatrist, medication, psychological medications, in one session and I’m 54 years old and I have been struggling with this literally my entire life. I was started on medications and seeing a psychologist at 13 years old. I’m 54 and I have never gotten that much in one session, 45 minutes. Blew my mind, changed my mind about a lot of things. It was unexpectedly emotional for me to actually to find yourself that calm and at peace. And I had never been in that kind of, in that relaxed state in my entire life. 

But it takes you into a place you’ve never been in your own mind of relaxation. You are literally your whole body, every cell in your body is relaxed. And, I would, I would recommend it to anyone. Just give it a try. What are you gonna have to lose and everything. Again, I had gone to cardiologist before I started at EarthFIT and he said, your heart is strong, your arteries are good, you need to learn how to manage your stress because your stress is debilitating. And so I said, well, I’ll try this for stress. Well, it’s a game changer. I can, let’s talk these techniques than I do them at home. And when I feel stressed or, and when I say opens your mind, it really does. And that is an emotional place to be too. So don’t be afraid of your emotions when you went in, if you tried this.”

“I was skeptical because when you hear all these many, many promotions about “lose weight in 6 weeks,” you know, “will change your life.” And I, I always thought it was a gimmick, that’s another gimmick, another diet fed. Well this was not a diet, but a lifestyle change and that’s the key. So before EarthFIT, I was overweight, stressed, ill most of the time, struggled with breathing. I was on atomizers twice a day, inflammation. So I was on medication for that, so series of medications, completely unhappy, depressed and didn’t know where to begin. After EarthFIT, Oh my God. Game changer. I have energy. I’m up at four in the morning, clarity in my thinking. I’m on literally one medication as opposed to many medications. I used to bring my inhaler to EarthFIT in case I needed it. 

I haven’t used it. And… Two months, not one time. I’ve gained muscle mass, I’m stronger, I feel stronger, I feel confident and capable and I think that’s the biggest thing because that also changes my mind when you’re thinking that “I am capable, I can do this.” So if I can do this things I never even imagined in 30 minutes, I’m like, I’m 54 years old, no way. And I’m crushing it. And um, I would, I would recommend it to anyone just to give it a try. What are you gonna have to lose and everything to gain. Someone trying to get motivated, if you’re stuck, if you’re struggling and you’re in your own way, it’s literally one step. Just call, show up for a class. Cause I will tell you when I was terrified and I had anxiety when I first started and sometimes I still do, but every class before every workout, I would walk the parking lot and I would just show up every day. I promised myself if I would just show up every day, that would be my first goal. “Just show up Kim, don’t quit.” Just show up and see what happens. And that was, this is January, 2020 and I had started in September of 2019 and life changing. There’s your transformation. It’s not just your body, it is a life transformation.”



“After the first week I felt so much better! I would totally recommend EarthFIT! Honestly, give it a try!”

“My life before EarthFIT was very sedentary. I would get tired very easily. Very tired throughout the day. Now after joining EarthFIT, I have a lot more energy which is weird to me. I am getting up and moving around more with my family. Definitely eating better now that I am paying more attention to my nutrition. All around feeling a lot better. I have pants that are fitting that weren’t fitting last year! My clothes are fitting a lot looser so, I feel better that way AND I can wear my wedding rings again:)”



“Before EarthFIT, I was overweight, I was tired constantly, I was always sick, my attitude, I didn’t sleep well at night, because I was not feeding my body properly. I seemed to be like… even short with my children, I just overall did not feel well.

Well, once I made the decision to join EarthFIT, which was actually inspired by somebody else who I saw coming here, and I saw the changes in that person not just physically but emotionally, as well and mentally I said why not now. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was coming up on my 40th birthday, which I still am coming up on my 40th birthday, and I thought myself I’m going to spend money either on health or health care, and I chose health. So, since I joined EarthFIT, I have had decreased pain. I had 3 knee surgeries and I was on my way to the 4th; I no longer have to had that. I have lower back pain and I started with back program here which was phenomenal after a month I was able to incorporate myself onto the gym floor at a beginners pace, and then I had a tennis elbow from actually changing the sheets on my king mattress, so those are all eliminated now. I’ve been sick only one time in a last year and a half; I have been healthier than I have ever been. Weight loss for me is a byproduct, it’s a side effect of coming her. It’s the other things that I have gained: I am sleeping amazing at night, my diet has changed completely – I am eating a more whole plant based diet, which is allowing me to have more energy throughout the day which is giving me more energy to be positive and present at the moment for my children which is really important for me, because as a single mom I have a crazy schedule, I’m a full time employee, as well as run my own company. I have 2 boys who are very active to keep up with, and I feel like I have the energy now to do that. I can’t tell you in words what the difference EarthFIT means to me, I think it just shows in my everyday lifestyle and now I feel like I am able to inspire others just through my consistency and the accountability that this program gives me.

So before I joined, I did research for other programs in the area, and I found that EarthFIT was the best fit for me because I like the accountability. I actually liked when you walk in the door that they say hello to you every single time by your name, they checked in with you, your trainer comes over and he or she ask you “how you are feeling today?, Are you still feeling sore from the workout yesterday? Is this injury bothering you?” So, overall I feel very comfortable with my decision. I feel like it is one of the best investments that I have ever made with my money. I would recommend the EarthFIT program to anybody who is wanting to do something that is going to create lasting results for them. EarthFIT is not just a workout program, it’s a complete mind-shift program, and so if you are ready to do something that is going to change your life, quite literally, I would say call and start today. There’s no better time than now to start and that you are worth it, so you should come on in.”



“Nothing I did would work. I was doing what used to be here on a treadmill, spend classes, I started wondering why, I did use other personal trainers 1 on 1 for an hour everyday for 4/5 days a week for a year and nothing worked. I mean, it’d be maybe 5lbs./ 10lbs., but with EarthFIT it’s been a year and a half 40lbs. I’ve learned so much about myself, about my diet, about what I was doing wrong – eating, and just the training, you learn so much. The trainers are so knowledgeable, they just know everything.

Before I started coming to EarthFIT I had been going about every 3 months and getting a cortisone shot in my left S.I., it was impossible to sit all day, it was uncomfortable whether it was sitting, standing, lying; there was no comfortable spot. I was taking so much NSAIDs and Tylenol just to try to relieve the pain. I was doing dry needling, which did finally start to help but I think the biggest change was coming to EarthFIT because I haven’t had a shot since I started in July of last year. I’ve lost 40lbs.; I’m sure that helped my back issues also… You’re not going to get this anywhere… nowhere. None of the gyms in town, none of the boxes that are opening up. There’s new ones opening up. It’s not going to happen. You’re not going to get the personal attention 1 on 1; every trainer knows what you can do. You walk in they ask, “how are you?”, “how’s this?”, “Is that bothering you anymore…?” They know.

I can’t imagine not being here. I think about what if I… “where would I go?” There’s no place to go. Nothing would compare. I was skeptical that I could do it, whether I could lose weight, because I’ve tried for 10 years or more to try to lose weight, tried to change my lifestyle habits. But I did it, so it’s very successful, very worth it.

I recommended EarthFIT to a lot of people all the time. It’s how much do they think their health is worth, and this is worth it to me. If they’re not willing to put in the effort then they’re going to stay where they are at physically and mentally.”



“I have always been athletic. I was never lazy. I lead a really busy life and I didn’t make allowances for exercise. Since joining EarthFIT, I make time to train three times a week, I have more confidence, and make better food choices. I am motivated by my coaches, I enjoy the training, the camaraderie…really everything about it!”



“I had a goal when I Joined EarthFIT, it was to age gracefully. Not be afraid to do things at home that might cause injury. To be as strong as possible. Since joining EarthFIT I have increased my muscle mass and have muscle definition. I enjoy the community, I trust my coach and I show up and do the work! In August of 2021 I set some new goals: To have better balance, to be able to do squats on the Bosu Ball, to do overhead presses on the Bosu Ball, surpass TRX pull-ups and be able to do banded assisted pull-ups! I met each of these goals in ONLY 5 months! I am even doing back squats with 95lbs, which I have not ever done before! I tell anyone who is skeptical; EarthFIT is a mixture of the community. No matter what your current physical condition is, you won’t be judged! You will be supported, respected and will improve no matter where you are currently!”





“I just joined EarthFIT and ever since, it’s literally changed my life. I don’t want this to sound like one of those testimonials where you’re like saying these things, but it literally changed my life.

Before EarthFIT, my life was chaotic, I would say. I was freaking killing myself. I mean, I had digestive issues, I had headaches, I was living on coffee, I thought it was lack of sleep, but the food was everything. Now I feel great like I don’t have digestive issues anymore. I mean, it’s like people look so good on the outside with makeup, and this and that, but you can be a total disaster, and I’m in my 40s, like, what’s going to happen when I’m in 50s or 60s?

I felt like crap pretty much. I really did. I looked healthy, I looked happy but I really felt worn out like I’m 80, so I knew there’s something I gotta do to change this, or I’m just going to run myself into the ground.

Well before EarthFIT, I tried, you know, those at home things, like you’d watch videos and exercise, but I could never commit to it unless I’m held accountable from someone. The 30 minutes I was skeptical how can you actually achieve results in 30 minutes. When I use to workout which was a long time ago I would spend like 2 hours.

And it’s intense but it’s just the right amount, you hit fatigue, and you’re just so energised, you don’t feel dead and you just go on with your day. I feel clarity and a new sense of like alertness.

I would recommend EarthFIT to everybody… and it’s not about whether you want to lose weight. I feel like it’s the perfect name – like it’s a body, mind transformation. Just do it, try it. There’s nothing to lose.”



“Before EarthFIT, I was postpartum. I was trying to workout at home and it wasn’t really working at all and I lacked self confidence, I hated my body. I didn’t really know what to do with breastfeeding and a baby and how to fit all that and then working out so I decided to come to EarthFIT after some other people said it was so wonderful.

After EarthFIT, I have more confidence in myself, I have more energy, I’ve met some great people, the trainers are wonderful, they do a great job motivating me to workout, my teammates that I workout with that motivate me, I feel better, I’ve lost weight, I’ve lost fat… body fat percentage, I’ve gained muscle, and I just feel generally better about myself.

I was skeptical that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with EarthFIT. It wasn’t anything about EarthFIT I was skeptical about. I would recommend EarthFIT to everyone, I’ve recommended several people to come try. I’d definitely recommend EarthFIT to people. It can be scary to walk through the door by yourself the very first time but after the first time that’s it you’re in… it’s like a family. It will change your life. I’d recommend it to everyone. If you’ve been thinking about trying EarthFIT, I’d say give it 2 weeks and you’re gonna be hooked, that’s all it took for me was 6 sessions for 2 weeks.”



Pregnancy + Training + Consistency = “Most in shape pregnancy I have ever been in!”

The body goes through a lot during pregnancy physically and emotionally! Training consistently helps with:
??Improved Fitness
??Faster recuperation after labour

Paige is 6 1/2 months pregnant with her 3rd child, is training consistently and has an amazing attitude. Paige says “My last pregnancy I was so out of breath. This pregnancy is the most in shape pregnancy I have ever been in! I am able to go up the stairs and not be out of breath and carrying a 2 year old! I feel a lot better, able to do things, even running after 2 kids! I feel a lot more in shape…It’s been GREAT!”




“Before EarthFIT, I was accustomed to certain amount of pain, I thought that maybe that was just how my life was going to be. At least once, sometimes twice a week, I had to sleep on the floor on a bag of peas.I avoided certain things because it hurt so bad. I didn’t go fishing with my husband as much because it hurt. It hurt to hit waves on the boat. Although I picked up my daughter all the time, somedays I would cringe to do it.

After about 6 months I started noticing a real change with the back program and me coming in every single time even when it hurt, even when I didn’t want to come in and that self discipline mixed with the back program and the tips from the trainers. I saw a difference in my life. I started to go fishing more, I didn’t avoid a lot of activities that I normally avoided. I got to sleep in my bed. I could drive to my store in Columbia without having to pull over every hour. So I noticed that. I noticed it right away but the real change, the real impact came in about 6 months.

I tried everything. Every doctor that I went to wanted to do surgery and surgery just wasn’t something that I thought would work, it wasn’t how I was raised so I tried everything. I tried acupuncture, I tried every lotion, every possible home remedy that anybody could throw at me and try. I did yoga, I went to a chiropractor regularly. For a long time, I had to go to a chiropractor twice a day and that was just to be able to function, so yeah I tried everything.

I was skeptical about everything with EarthFIT. I knew that I wasn’t at the level that most people at EarthFIT were at or at least I thought because of my background. I’m also very competitive, and I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed to not be able to do a lot of things that used to come so natural for me. I was skeptical as to whether or not I would make it through even the first round. I was skeptical of how people would see me. Pretty much everybody I know right now, everybody in my professional life and my personal life have recently joined. They’ve seen the difference in me. I can’t stop I feel like an infomerical and that is not my way but I do believe in it and I know the impact that’s had on my life. I’m a better mom, I have more energy and I just want something… once you have something like that, you want everybody around you to feel it and so absolutely I recommend it especially to the people who think they can’t. The hardest thing I’ve ever done at EarthFIT was coming at first time. There’s nothing out there, nothing that I live, nothing that I attempt was as hard as coming in the door. Once you come in, everybody is secretly cheering for you like I know I do. I don’t even know half the people’s name sometimes. They come in before and after me but when I see a new person I’m cheering them on. I want them to do well and I remember my first few times that I was so embarrassed, because I was not used to being a beginner. I’ve never been a beginner in anything mostly in my life. I was used to kinda doing okay with everything and what I did not know is that everybody around me was bringing me on, everybody around me whether they knew me or not had started the same way that I did, and we all have that same self doubt. We all have that fear, and once you realised that every single person is cheering you whether they know you or not, whether they acknowledge you or not, they’re cheering you on and it will be the biggest, best, hardest thing that you can do for yourself and it has ripples throughout your entire life and impacts everything you do and all you have to do is open the door.”



My life before EarthFIT was stressful, demanding, always I’ve been bookkeeper 7 days a week, work all the time… constantly angry, I’d snap at people… exhausted all the time. In bed by 8:30… just tired.

And after EarthFIT I have more energy, I’m going all the time now I mean the girls keep me busy but I have more energy, I might go for a walk, I don’t want to sit at home like if I’m at home like on Saturdays and Sundays I want to constantly be doing something. I feel I have more energy, and more active, I’m happy, I’m not stressed and I feel better… a lot happier. I feel stronger altogether I mean I can help my husband lift things now from moving furniture, instead he would always go to one of the girls and say mom can’t do it just leave her alone… I feel stronger all over – mind, body. I mean deadlift 115 and I have a pull up bar today.

I don’t know if I was skeptical about anything, I guess I was just nervous that I was not gonna be able to do it, was it going to be able to work for me, was it going to help me I mean… Now I know that no reason to be nervous, I enjoy, I want to come. I mean I arrange my schedule to make sure I’m here. I can wear tank tops now, I don’t have that belly roll that I used to have so I feel more comfortable wearing more fitted clothes instead of bigger baggier clothes.

Would I recommend EarthFIT to anybody? Yes I would. Actually I do all the time so I’m trying to get my husband to come.”

Success Story | “I have more energy, I’m more active. I’m happy; I’m not stressed and I feel better… a lot happier.”



My life before EarthFIT, I’ve had 7 back surgeries, I have a spinal cord stimulator and that help with my nerves and my left leg. I did not feel strong, I felt weight, I favored my back, I had never felt like I properly knew how to bend my back because I was always worried about pain.

Since coming to EarthFIT I’m now deadlifting a 132 lbs, I did my first pull-up last week which was sort of my goal. I want to be able to do that before my 61st birthday. I’ve done that with the help of course but I’ve done it and I’m just getting stronger and I just feel amazing. I mean I can go on all day and tell you how much better I feel. I feel like I’m just a strong person mentally, physically, emotionally, and I just love getting up every morning, walking out the door and coming to EarthFIT.

I did not feel strong and I’m an outdoor girl, I like being outside, I love being in the river in the boats but I just didn’t feel like I was stronger and I feel like I was always worried about injuring my back. I was very skeptical of hurting my back. I’ve always guarded my back. I have been so down and out with my back like not being able to get out my bed in the mornings, and then I took a lot of pain medication to help me with my back and then I got hooked on my pain meds and here I knew that I had found another way to strengthen my back and EarthFIT has absolutely done that for me. I was sent to EarthFIT by physical therapist. She suggested that I come to EarthFIT and see Ian Hart to see if he can help me strengthen my back and he absolutely has… they have done that for me here. I feel like a different person.

I was talking the other day to somebody about the trainers, the different trainers here and I said but you know what… it’s not about the trainers, it’s about me getting up every morning and coming in here and doing this. The trainers are here to help you, protect you, and they certainly have trained me how to use my back to the betterment of me, but it’s not about the trainers at all. It’s about coming in and doing this and I just… I love it. Love it!”



“Before EarthFIT I didn’t do a lot, but sit around, boring life. After EarthFIT I am able to run and jump with my grandchildren and I would have never been able to do that!! I look forward to my sessions at EarthFIT”



“Before EarthFIT I was very tired, very self conscious, felt very weak, had lost my spark. Now I got my Spark back, I got my strength back, my self confidence back! My favorite part about EarthFIT is the energy, the positive…the positivity that exudes from this place!”




EarthFIT Success Stories EarthFIT Success Stories EarthFIT Success Stories










EarthFIT Success Stories



EarthFIT Success Stories EarthFIT Success Stories EarthFIT Success Stories







I was skeptical at first when I talked to Ian and I’ve been through some therapy up north, and they just need stretches and stuff and they really were not able to do much for me so I was skeptical but again we want to try anything and I was impressed when I looked at a video on the back issues so it helped the fact that Ian gone through some of the issues I had with the back and so it worked. I’m extremely happy.
I’ve lost from 207 to 172 so 35lbs I lost but more importantly at least from is I lost 5 inches off the waist. This biggest impact is the fact I’m now I’d like to stay active, I’m not really a TV person or I don’t like to and I like to be active whether you know going to the race track, going to the car shows or just walk and I really enjoy just a going for nice long walks and I’m able to do all that. It’s fine. I’m tired at the end of the day but that’s a good thing.”



Mary Mary Mary

“I’ve done fitness my whole life yoga, weight lifting, aerobics class, bicycle spinning, that there’s something about this program designed that has done the job and helped me reach my goals of losing weight, building some muscle and just feeling healthy, healthier.

Before EarthFIT I thought I was in good shape. I did yoga and bicycle spinning class, that I have those nagging few pounds that I just didn’t seem to be able to lose. Today, I’ve lost 12lbs. I lost weight and I just feel so lean and healthy, and it’s just easier for me to do things. And having a gardening business, it’s very physical and I’ve noticed that I can lift those bags of mushroom compost and I feel great!

So life after joining EarthFIT is fantastic! I was skeptical, a little freaked out when I first joined, because I have never spent so much money on a workout program but Ian assured me and was true to his word that I would not be sorry and that it would be the best thing that I’ve ever done. And you really do have to take care of yourself before you can take care of those around you; it’s really true. And my husband has lost 6Lbs just being at home with me.

So I think another thing that’s great about the program is the 30-35 minutes and so you can fit it into your schedule. It’s not something that’s, you know, going to take your whole morning. The trainers are great, having personal trainers making sure you do everything correctly and motivating you. Definitely, I’ve been recommending it to everybody, because people notice. I have neighbors, and it’s noticeable; I have to go clothes shopping because all of my clothes are too big at this point. But yes, I would definitely recommend it and I have recommended it.”
Whenever I do come back I get a chance to talk to Ian, I always ask him to open up EarthFIT where I live in Charleston area or even elsewhere. I know that this type of training is where a lot of people need whether they may know it or not and I have, I recommended the program to several people that I worked with here locally and in Charleston.”



Lisa Lisa Lisa



Martin Evans Martin Evans



Deb Deb Deb


Justin P 3 Justin P Front Justin P Side



Tom T Front Tom T Side

“I never thought I’d be auto racing again and I know Ian promised me that and we’ll see where we can go and get you better than you were. I didn’t know I will get that far and people are amazed I have got friends I raced with before I had all the surgeries and they’re just amazed you know I’m able to do all that doing far.

I talk to people, I would definitely recommend where they are because if you’re not happy for who you are you’ve got nothing to lose and maintain as you just got to don’t give up, you just got to try.

I actually commute; I live in Charleston, South Carolina and I work here in Beaufort, South Carolina which is about 84 miles and so what I ended up doing is I chose to come to EarthFIT so I will leave home early in the morning and commute to be here at

EarthFIT and do my training here where I work, versus doing my training where I live, but about a year ago I ended up working back in Charleston where I live so I stop coming to EarthFIT but I wanted to keep training so I look around for a personal trainer, group training and I’ve found one but I can tell you that I don’t have the same results that I have when I was at EarthFIT in terms of the intensity of training or the results or strength or just the weight that I feel, so for me any chance I get to come back to Beaufort and workout with EarthFIT. I’m all over it.

One thing that comes to mind that I like about EarthFIT is that it’s  continually evolving, I do like the communication, the constant emails that are sent out, I like to know about the new things that’s happening at EarthFIT and every time I come in it’s not a static environment. I feel like the staff puts a lot into type of exercises that we do and so they’re changing things, they’re changing the routine up, they’re adding things, taking things away, really trying to give us the best experience possible.


Vicki Vicki



“Lost 24Lbs, 11.7% Body Fat, Down 4 dress sizes, Lost 3 inches from the waist”

Sam Sam



Naval Officer

“At my largest weight I think I weighed 216 Lbs and when I left EarthFIT I weighed 187 Lbs so that’s about 29Lbs loss. And like I said I will ran faster and longer, I have more energy and I’ve just felt great about myself. So I’m in the navy and I have a physical fitness test and that’s actually probably the largest test. Twice a year we are suppose to run a mile and a half, do push ups and sit ups. And so before EarthFIT, I ran a mile and a half in about 11 minutes 39 seconds and so when I was training at EarthFIT weekly I end up running a mile and a half at 9 minutes and 47 seconds and I’ve never ran that fast; even I’m in a navy 19 years and the fastest I’ve ever ran before EarthFIT was 10 minutes and 30 seconds while I was 18 years old. So I end up finish stronger, running faster you know 17/18 years later.

Well before EarthFIT, I’ve gone through a number of operations, knees and I had some back issues so what I do because of the back issues and even after going through therapy I was no longer able to work on cars, I had give a and I like walking I couldn’t walk with a bad core before I used a cane in fact I haven’t used a cane in a while. It worked for my knees so I went to Ian and March of 2013, I told him well I try anything and we just started with a basic stretches, I wasn’t able to lift weights at that point and now at this point I’ve been racing cars for less 2 years, I can work on cars, I can also you know lift up wheels and tires, I can do 135lbs on the deadlift, I’ve gone from my 38 waist to a 33 waist and I’ve gone from a 207 lbs to a 172 lbs and maintaining that weight now, I’m just trying to stay in shape and working out so I’m extremely happy with what Ian’s done for me at EarthFIT.

Naval Officer


“Lost 21Lbs”

Carol Moore Carol Moore

-Carol M.-


“Lost 29Lbs of Body Fat”

Helga Helga



Lindsay Lindsay



Shea Shea



Marcia Marcia Marcia



Donna Donna





“Before that I worked out fairly regularly, but I wasn’t really consistent. I would need to push myself too hard let myself go. And because of that I had extra stress and problems sleeping and all that. I’ve been able to make great games and consistently keep myself from getting injured and I’ve also had two surgeries on the meantime on both of my feet and a recovery from both of us has taken a long time. But again, because of the personalized nature of the training, I got really physical therapy as well as uh, you know, working out all the way through and was able to balance my need to do games and not lose muscle mass out of the surgeries and also to recover from surgeries. I did crossfit for a few years before this, but, but it was a, that was part of the inconsistency. I’d either be doing really serious heavy lifting or pushing myself too hard going to an injury or I’d be slacking off because I wore myself out and I wasn’t really consistent with it.

And EarthFIT is a good balance. It’s kind of everything except for the injury prone stuff. It’s very, very intense, which appeals to me, it changes all the time, which appeals to me and this is better in my book. Honestly. When I saw it, I tried so many different things. I saw the equipment and the methodology and the way that it used, high intensity, short duration and all that. That was exactly what I wanted to see. I would definitely recommend EarthFIT to other people. Um, I think it’s a, if you’re really looking for results, if you’re looking for what is effectively one on one personal training just in a small group with great, great attention. And if you want to keep yourself consistently on the road to good results, I would definitely recommend EarthFIT, I would say try it.

I would say if you’re looking at the economics, you need to think about what personal training costs, number one. And you also want to look at what a, because effectively you’re getting personal training as a part of this for a lot less. And second of all, if you’re still skeptical about EarthFIT for the cost reasons, it’s just think about what it would be worth for you to get a solid year that were really, really good results and know that you’re going to get ahead because you can waste five years and not getting ahead. Trying the same old thing where you can get to the end and say it’s worth it, which most of us do.”



“My life before EarthFIT was great. I worked out a lot. I had a personal trainer that I worked out with twice a week and was doing about an hour or more of cardio every single day but I was exhausted all the time and I was not seeing any results. Um, my weight in fact probably went up, uh, over the course of the 10 years that I was working out with a trainer. So I was just really frustrated and wondering why things weren’t changing.

So since I joined earth that I have been able to track my progress, we take measurements every three months and while my weight has only gone down a little bit, my body fat has gone down significantly. And so I have learned that it’s important to focus on building muscle and not stressing so much about what the scale says, but paying more attention to how my muscles look, how I look leaner and how clothes fit better.

And I have a lot more energy and just feel more confident in general. Other methods of training. I’ve tried just about everything. I’ve done yoga, I’ve done pilates, I have worked out one on one with a personal trainer. I’ve done all kinds of spinning classes and aerobics classes and nothing has worked like the program at EarthFIT. I always recommend EarthFIT to people when they asked me, what are you doing? How do you look trim and fit, and I always just tell them that if you are committed to the program and you’re willing to be consistent all you need to do is just show up, do what you’re told and you will see changes. You will never know unless you give it a try.”



“Before EarthFIT, I had just moved to Habersham and I’ll never forget walking in and talking to Lee and I showed him my shoulder. I had a shoulder injury and I literally could not lift my arm above my waist. And so I just came in and just said, oh my gosh, can you help me? I’ve had an MRI, there is no tear, but I’m scared to push it and I don’t know what to do. And that was kind of where I was when I showed up here. Well look, I can go all the way up without any issues with this arm, which is huge because I couldn’t even turn on a light switch before. I just had so much pain in this arm and I really, I had gone to see some doctors, some chiropractors, and it was about eight months of therapy that I had done.

And in literally a month and a half, this is what I was able to do. And it was all because I trusted Lee to do the right exercises and just he just paid attention to what I was experiencing and still does today, even a year. And a half later, he’s always asking me about this to make sure that I’m not pushing it or stretching it too far in the wrong area because I had a female trainer, I was really skeptical about working with a guy. I didn’t know if, if Lee would really understand really what I was all about and would be able to help me in my body shape and type. And so that has definitely not been an issue. But that was something I was really skeptical about in the beginning. They need to give it a try, they need to commit to 30 days. And a lot of times EarthFIT will have specials and that’s really the first time I committed to earth. It was during, uh, think it was called the Babes of Beaufort competition or something. And it was just a one month commitment. I paid one fee and I got access to all the training for 30 days unlimited. And it was a great way for me to just have a short window, have the opportunity to try all different times, mornings, afternoons, the different trainers and really get a feel for the workouts. But you have to give it 30 days to really begin to see the benefits.”



“My life before EarthFIT had a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I was getting winded and just chasing my kids, playing with them. That’s why I chose to get active with EarthFIT. You know, I come in here, I do my thing, the instructors push me. If I forget to come, they’ll email me or chase me down and make sure that I’m in the gym. They’re there to support me some more of my goals and push me to my hardest.  I tried using other gyms before and I felt like I was making a donation to their general operations fund because I would go there; I didn’t get the instruction that I get in EarthFIT. Um, so it felt like it was really a waste of money. I was skeptical about EarthFIT with the group training sessions. I’ve been to group classes before at other gyms and felt like I was just kind of a sheep in the crowd. At EarthFIT you get individualized instruction even though you’re in the room with a three or five other people. My life after EarthFIT I feel like I have more strength, more energy. I visit the chiropractor less, so I feel my overall health is improving. Yeah. I recommend EarthFIT to everybody who’s looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle.”



“My life after EarthFIT, I think has a much higher quality. I have better balance. I have better stamina. I know I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be. And all of that just adds to the quality of my life and we like to travel and I’m able to do all of that sort of thing. My life before EarthFIT was a good life, but I was starting to feel more tired, didn’t have quite the same stamina and, you know, we’d wake up in the morning with aches and pains. I was skeptical about EarthFIT when I joined because I didn’t think that I would really be able to participate fully in a program as intense as this can be. And I would say to people who are skeptical about it, that, if I could do it, then they certainly could too. And they’d be surprised themselves.”