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“I want to continue here at EarthFIT forever!”


“I want to continue here at EarthFIT forever! I lost 26lbs fat… feeling amazing!”

-Karen B-


“I Feel Safe Here…”

“Before EarthFIT I was not doing much exercise. I thought that walking was exercise. Part of it was I was extremely busy with volunteering and teaching and I felt that going to the gym was just, I just did not have time to do it. And even though my husband went to the gym and I did do some, um, cross country skiing and that I never went to the gym to work out.

The result after EarthFIT was, I started at the very beginning when they first opened and I immediately felt an incredible change over my, not only physical health but my mental health. Both of them joined together. Definitely. I had gained some weight over the years. I lost that, but I gained confidence because of being able to do some of the exercises at EarthFIT. Like one of the biggest things too was mental. I would come in here, I would do a good job. I was with people that I enjoyed and I’d walk out and I had a very different perspective. I just had a high where at times I would come in because of having several challenges in my life, I’d come in kind of feeling low and down and I’d walk out of here and I didn’t feel that way anymore. It just, I felt good.

I’ve watched my diet. I definitely do everything in moderation, drinking wine, beef just different things that you have said I eat more vegetables. I definitely think that I am, I think before that I depended on vitamins to supplement everything. But after joining EarthFIT I learned how to eat healthy.

I was skeptical that at my age. Although, I started it 57/ 58. I was skeptical that I couldn’t do it. I was skeptical of the group I was in and they were doing more than I was doing. And I was just, I think that’s what I was skeptical about. Can I do this? Can I really end up lifting 125 pounds? so I think that was my only skepticism.

I would recommend EarthFIT to anybody else. Anyone that ever asks me about EarthFIT. I’ve talked about it to so many people and again, not just because it helps you physically. But it helps you mentally and I think the best thing about EarthFIT and yes, it’s expensive and people say was expensive and I don’t have a time, but then I think about all the vitamins and different things people take and it’s just worth it. And you have at EarthFIT you have somebody constantly watching you. You don’t have that at other gyms. I feel safe here. I feel that if my knees are bending in the wrong way or I’m doing something, I have somebody that completely knows and comes over and tells me how to make sure that I’m doing it correctly.

Well, that was the big test of EarthFIT because, in early June I played a great tennis match and I was walking home extremely proud. I got home, I drank a huge thing of water and all of a sudden I was hit like an arrow in the back. I had a kidney stone earlier than now, so I thought that could be what it is. The pain was so excruciating. I passed out. When I passed out, I hit my head, I came to and immediately knew that I needed help because this pain was just excruciating. They took me to the hospital and by that time I was full of infection because the stone had caught in my urethra and I was just in bad shape. When they did a CT, they found out they also broke my neck. So I was in a terrible position because they had to fix my neck but they also had to work on that stone to get it out, to start getting me back healthy and control that infection.

In the meantime, I was there, I got a staph infection, which is called MRSA and ended up in the hospital very sick for another six days. Finally, they found an antibiotic that worked and they took me to MUSC to have my neck fixed. When I left the hospital, Beaufort, there were several doctors that worked at me with me and they all came in and said, you are in amazing condition. If you had not been in a condition you’ve been in that you are in. He said, we started treating you like somebody in their 50s not somebody that’s about to turn 73 and the health and what you were doing really, really got you through this. And I’ve of course like I’ve mentioned EarthFIT. Then my surgeon did the surgery one day, the next morning he came in and he said, you are in amazing shape.

You came through this with flying colors. I could not believe somebody like at your age could do this. He said, if you can walk down the hall, just us holding you by a strap and if you can go up and down the steps, we’re going to let you go home because we know you feel better at home. And he let me go home that afternoon and he said, I cannot believe that you were able to do that at your age. I’ve had several visits from him. My last visit, well the other thing he said is after a couple of weeks, after sitting still and not moving for three weeks, which is not me, I asked him if I could come back to EarthFIT and he said yes. He said, as long as you listen to exactly what Lee tells you to do and you don’t do anything, you don’t take any chances. 

And so I began my recovery after three weeks of being incredibly sick with a broken neck. And I started coming back here again. And I believe that that also mentally helped me and gave me the strength to get back. And then every time I went back to him, he said, you can go a few more pounds. Well, last week when I visited him, he said I could go to start going back to my regular workout as long as I take it really easy. And he left me and he said, you are amazing. He said, we started treating you like somebody in their 50s, not somebody that’s about to be 73. And he said, whatever you’re doing at EarthFIT anywhere else. He said, just keep it up.

If somebody was skeptical? You know, I guess what I’ve told everybody is to come in and give it a try, you know, just to come in and try it on a trial basis. Because I think once they realize the power of EarthFIT, both physically and mentally, and I also think people will go to gyms and they give up working out at gyms. They forget how to do a certain exercise or what, but EarthFIT doesn’t do that with you, EarthFIT is constantly monitoring, constantly coming over saying, is that okay? Your knees need to be straight. And I think that makes all the difference to the world. The fact that you feel safe here, that you’re willing to take challenges here, that you’re willing to go a step beyond, you’re willing to push yourself. And I don’t think anybody gets skeptical. I think I would just try to get them to give it a shot.



“I don’t have any back pain at all…and just continuing with my exercise here at EarthFIT. It’s tremendous change.”

“Before I joined EarthFIT and before I started the program, my life was not existent. I had issues with my back – severe back pain. I couldn’t get up off a chair. Basically, I had tremendous back pain just sitting, just standing. When I came in to EarthFIT it was my last hope, basically, and I sat down and spoke with you, Ian, and you’d explain what back program was about and we started. And now 9 Months later, I’m jogging, which is phenomenal because I could barely get up off a chair.

Before Relief4Life, the back program, I had such pain in my lower back that I couldn’t get out of bed either. I could not sleep at night. The severe pain in the lower back was pretty much debilitating. It would not allow me to do anything, I couldn’t bend over, I couldn’t sit and of course after this, after the program Back Pain Relief4Life, that’s all gone now. I don’t have any back pain at all. I am conscious of the movements that I’ve been taught now to keep me from doing the wrong movements, from doing the correct movements and the exercise that I’m supposed to do and just continuing with my exercise here at EarthFIT. It’s tremendous change.

Psychologically what the Relief4Life program has done for me has given me incredible boost as far as my self confidence, as far as my ability to do things and it relieved fear. Fear was holding me back from just about everything I did in my life. It has taught me that I can get beyond the fear that I can push myself a little more, doing things correctly, following the program, following the exercise that I graduated to which I’m proud of. It’s just a tremendous psychological boost in every aspect of my life.

In addition to just fear in general, my other huge fear was surgery. I did not want to go to a doctor for him to recommend to me that “Oh! you know we should explore the possibility of surgery.” I was more afraid of that than I could ever tell and ever explain to anyone, but maybe someone in my position understands that completely and if they do then that’s another reason to just get in here, try it and you’ll be amazed on what results you’ll get. Please just come in and try the program. It’s worth it in so many, many ways. You’ll be, not only glad you did, but can’t believe that you had done it before.”



“In about 6 months, I lost 71 lbs. I’m down 5 suit sizes, and I’m 10 inches smaller around my waist.”


-David Levitt-


“I have the confidence that I can tackle any activity since increasing my strength, endurance and balance.”


I was fast approaching my 50’s and began worrying about osteoporosis and knew I needed to make  resistance training a part of my life.  My clothes were also getting tight although I felt I was in decent shape since I had a normal BMI.  A good friend of mine had been training at Earth Fit and had great results.  On my 48th birthday I decided to go in for an assessment.  I knew it wouldn’t be good, but was really shocked to learn my body fat percentage.  After the assessment I was also concerned about my lack of muscle mass.

I started at Earth Fit the next week.  My goals were to lose some weight but more importantly to gain muscle mass and lose body fat.  Bjorn started me out slow but was there all the way with me, pushing me to do more.   I’ve surprised myself and my husband with the strength I have gained.  The next assessment was only about 10 weeks from when I started.   I was happy to learn I had lost 8% of my body fat in that short time.  After a year of going to Earth Fit, I’ve lost 13.9% body fat.  I know I would have lost some weight on my own but probably would not have changed my body without the help of Bojan, Jeff and Ian.  The workouts change daily and weekly.  I’ve been going twice a week for over a year  and I am challenged with every workout.  During the year I’ve had some recurring pain in my leg. I worked with Bojan and he determined I had a hamstring pull.  I continued to work out but the trainers altered my workouts to give my affected hamstring time to heal.  If I were doing this on my own, I would have quit until my hamstring healed and probably gained back all that I lost.  They continue to monitor my hamstring and push me only when it is feeling better.

I am a year closer to 50 and have never been more fit.  I have the confidence that I can tackle any activity since increasing my strength, endurance and balance.  I’ve also gotten several nice compliments about looking younger.  In fact an old friend saw a recent picture of my older sister and me on Facebook and said that my daughter looked just like me!  She was mistaken and thought my sister was me and I was the daughter.

-Judy Newell-


 “The Results Are Incredible!! Mentally And Physically I’ve Never Felt Better!”







“I Have Lost About 13 Lbs. In A Little Under 3 Months… And I’ve Decreased My Body Fat Percentage!”

“Before EarthFIT, I was pretty much out of shape and I didn’t really watch – I thought I was eating healthy, but I really was not watching it closely enough and even though I exercise pretty frequently I wasn’t doing it in efficient ways, so I was pretty tired most of the time and I got winded doing simple things like climbing stairs.

I was a little bit intimidated about joining a gym with personal training. So I thought it might be really scary and like hardcore but it has really surprised me, in that it’s a pretty friendly atmosphere, and even though they push you they kind of analyze how far each individual can go, so it’s not really terrifying or anything.

I have lost about 13 Lbs. in a little under 3 mos. since I’ve been here, and I’ve decreased my body fat percentage, which is really good because that was my main goal. And now I feel much stronger, I can run on a treadmill for much longer and I feel less tired. I got off medications so definitely seen some really great specific results.

I would definitely recommend EarthFIT to everyone who wants to get in shape. Even if you’re already in good shape I think it is really something that can benefit almost everybody…”



“It’s quick, it’s efficient, it’s safe, and you’ll feel so incredibly good at the end of it. You feel amazing and you see the results…”

“I would highly highly highly recommend this program to anyone like I said I’ve tried so many programs in a lot of different cities most recently Boston and I don’t think anybody has achieved what they have achieved here and what EarthFIT has achieved here in Beaufort, South Carolina so I feel like we’re really fortunate to have this kind of program here and I highly recommend you try it.

It’s quick, it’s efficient, it’s safe, and you’ll feel so incredibly good at the end of it. You feel amazing and you see the results and you… it’s not only physically seeing the results but definitely mentally as well. You just feel better all over and again I highly recommend it.

Before I came to EarthFIT, I had tried a number of different gyms over the past 30 years, a lot of different programs and I’d love to mix it up. I did the crossfit thing, I felt strong but ended up hurting myself pretty significantly and knew I couldn’t go back to that but I had trouble finding a program that had great intensity that I could have fun with and still see a lot of results. You see results immediately to your body. I’d love to come here, you’re walking to a friendly environment everybody knows your name, you get a nice greeting, it’s clean, it’s organized, it’s almost personal training and an environment where you can work of one another’s energy and push one another in the class. In personal training, because the trainers they know what you’re capable of as an individual, when to push you, when not to push you, they’re constantly on you for your form and you know keeping you motivated.

I haven’t experienced a program that’s so quick, efficient, fun and you felt like you weren’t going to get hurt because that’s always a fear I think with anybody doing intense workouts and trying to change the body that you know fear of injury and here I really believe the trainers are so knowledgeable and they clearly have the great deal of experience and have gone through an intense training program themselves to understand exactly how to make this program as amazing as it is.”


“I Would Recommend EF To Anyone Who Wants To Get Into The Greatest Physical Shape They’ve Ever Been In.”

“Up until about 4 years ago I was heavily involved in marathon canoe racing and then I haven’t done anything basically for the last 4 years. And I decided to get back into canoe racing and I followed my normal training routine of aerobic-based- and weight- training. After I started training for the upcoming racing season, I decided to investigate the possibility of getting a personal trainer, and I just happened to come across EarthFIT’s website. So I called and got an assessment and checked out the program and recognized that it was not the normal training that I was associated with. And I was a little skeptical about it at first because it didn’t involve what I would characterize as aerobic-based work or heavy weight work – so I was skeptical because of that. I had hoped that the personal trainers would develop a canoe-specific program for me, but I was surprised at the workouts.

After the first 6 weeks or so, I began to notice a dramatic improvement specifically in my top-end speed in the canoe. And shortly thereafter I began to realize my endurance level starting to increase. And now I feel that I have a lot more strength than I would with ordinary weight training. It’s burned a lot of fat, I’m not so sure that it’s increased my muscle mass beyond ordinary weight training, but I’m very, very satisfied with my strength level right now. I would recommend EF to anyone who wants to get into the greatest physical shape they’ve ever been in..



“I Feel So Much Better About Myself As Far As Physically And Mentally”

“The life before EarthFIT… I was dragging a bit, tired, not able to keep up with the kids and not happy at all with the weight that I was at and really ready to get healthy.

The results I’ve achieved since working out at EarthFIT is I’ve lost 10lbs. as far as overall and 13 percentage points as far as my fat percentage and I’ve gone down two dress sizes, which is also a plus.

My life is a result from training at EarthFIT has changed drastically since I have a lot more energy, I feel so much better about myself as far as physically and mentally, I’m able to of course keep up with the kids, I’m getting a better night’s rest and being able to sleep through the night; eating better, being able to keep track of what I’m eating and just overall feeling so much healthier.

I would definitely recommend EarthFIT to anyone anybody who already feels like they’re in shape, anybody who wants to get in shape, a beginner, anybody who feels that they just need a healthier lifestyle and they want to makes some positive changes in their life.”



“I’ve Lost About 2-3 Waist Sizes On My Pants And I Feel Totally Different Way Better A Lot More Energy During The Day.”

“At EarthFIT I’ve been here about a little bit over a month – a month and a week maybe – and I’ve lost about 24lbs.

Before EarthFIT, I was 23 lbs. overweight but I’ve lost about 2-3 waist sizes on my pants and I feel totally different way better a lot more energy during the day.

I’ve heard a lot of good facts about the workout or thing here, my Mom and Dad working out, they have lost a lot of weight too and the diet’s unbelievable that they have for us.

Strongly recommended to anybody who wants to lose a good amount of weight in about a month or two.”



“The Staff At EarthFIT Is Taking Care Of Several Of My Patients All With Dramatic Results.”

“I have seen significant positive results from the patients that I share with EarthFIT for their exercise and dietary regimens. This has ranged from my young athletes requiring sport specific activities to more senior population that merely desire some mild conditioning and strengthening and mild weight loss.

Exercise plays a dramatic role, regardless of the condition that a patient has seen before. Exercise usually makes the handling of that condition much easier. The folks at EarthFIT have a very safe and scientifically based program. After their initial evaluation they come up with the custom routine that is tailored towards the individuals needs. The staff at EarthFIT is taking care of several of my patients all with dramatic results.”

-Dr. Craig Floyd-


“It Obviously Turned Out And It Was A Great Investment… They Designed Specifically For Me And For My Baseball Skills”

“My life before starting this program at EarthFIT… I thought I was in  pretty decent shape – actually pretty good shape, but until I actually start this program and felt that difference in my body, really almost from the start it took a couple of weeks but once I really felt it, my energy levels were boosted massively and then also even my body mass and muscles, I could tell you huge difference in that.

I thought that I was already in a good enough shape I guess, I was skeptical about even having a schedule workout like would I have time for it?, would I enjoy it?, would it be beneficial to me? But it obviously turned out and it was a great investment.

One of the specific results I have achieved is definitely getting stronger overall, my overall basic strength. Then I’ve improved cardio vastly, that was one of the problems at the beginning I’ve seen that I had to go to the doctor to checked out my heart rate and it’s greatly improved and then even learning how to workout on the mental side of it, being prepared mentally.

I would definitely recommend this to a fellow person. EarthFIT has greatly, greatly improved my overall strength, my cardiovascular, just a program that they designed specifically for me and for my baseball skills has been just amazing! I would definitely recommend this to someone.”

-#1 Pitcher In The State Of SC-





“I’m Just Happy To Be Able To Participate At EarthFIT And In The Rest Of My Life”

“Hi I’m Carol and I am 62 years old soon will be 63 and my life before I came to EarthFIT was very difficult. I’ve had a year of chronic illnesses and surgeries and I just felt like if I was going to enjoy the rest of my life I was going to have to have an opportunity to see how to do that, and EarthFIT helped me do just that.

I am more fit, I have a higher degree of energy, I feel like I’m recovering from my year of convalescence and I am now wearing clothes that I think my best friend’s husband has never seen me in before. I’m just happy to be able to participate at EarthFIT and in the rest of my life and I think everything has a higher degree of enjoyment. I’ve lost 23lbs in 9 weeks.”



“Cardio Is A Lot Better… I Can Run On A Treadmill And Not Almost Pass Out. So Pretty Good!”

“Um.. pretty lazy. I didn’t do a lot of exercising, didn’t eat that great, I just worked a lot, so I didn’t do a lot of exercising at all. Skeptical that I wouldn’t be sticking to or with it I think – I would start and stop and not be consistent. I think exercising has become part of my everyday life, my weekly schedule has been fit in. No, I can tell I’m less stressed, I’m burning my stress off when I work out so that helps for overall health… [I’m] mentally better because I am not stressed out. When I’m able to come to the gym and burn off the stressed that builds up during the week, so it’s good!

Cardio is a lot better… a lot better. I can run on a treadmill and not almost pass out. So pretty good! I’ve improved all of those things. I improved my strength, flexibility, my endurance.. I’m definitely more toned, I can tell I’m in better shape, I’m sleeping better. I think cause of relieving stress.”



“The Health Benefits Of The Program Have Been Tremendous.”

“ life before joining the program, I was very busy with 2 kids, running  business. I didn’t have a lot of time for exercise or really concentrate on it on health and nutrition.

Ah.. before joining I was a little skeptical that I was gonna be able to keep up with some of the training, but quickly I realized that the training was so personalized that Ian in the team were able to quickly assess my needs, my abilities and push me to a point where I would find success without being overwhelmed by the program.

I feel better, my nutrition is better, my health is better. So a lot has changed. While life still goes on, the health benefits of the program have been tremendous.

Specifically, the results I achieved have been increased energy, quickly actually my wife particularly noticed some muscle that I didn’t noticed before. Um… weight loss, but more so the energy level that I have has increased and able to get more done during the day. And at a point in the program where I’m really looking forward to coming in an exercising and even exercising on my off days.

I would definitely recommend this program to anybody and everybody. Anybody who’s serious about their health and fitness. Um.. be it maybe losing weight, or strictly finding more energy, or shaping up for summer, or whatever it maybe. This program has something for everybody and what I like about most is that they are specifically tailored to your needs with highly trained fitness trainers not just someone who went out and got a license to train somebody.”



“I Want To Get To Continue Here At EarthFIT Forever”

“My life before joining EarthFIT was quite boring. I’m laid around on my couch and read books. And now.. I’m very energetic. I’m actually running for twice a week for half an our and I want to get to continue here at EarthFIT forever… And I won’t stop.

My butt is tighter, my thighs are firmer and so are my arms.

I would recommend EarthFIT, this program, to everyone, as a matter of fact I do. Everyone I see, I try to get them to join.”



“I Lost 9Lbs In One Month… I’m A Lot Faster When I Play Tennis… And I Was Like I Can Hit A Lot Harder And More Consistently.”

“In about one month I lost about 9lbs. and gained a lot of muscle, and I feel a lot faster, a lot stronger and a lot of my clothes are a lot loser than I wore and had to get rid to some of my clothes and get new clothes that fit me.  The good thing here is that no matter what your level is that you can get better by coming here no matter if you’re really overweight or you’re pro athlete, no matter what you are you can get better by coming here.

I was skeptical about the trainings, some of the things I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do all the workouts and that maybe I wasn’t gonna work as well with the other ones or work a lot better I wasn’t sure what my results were going to be…

Some of the specific goals I’ve achieved are that I’m a lot faster when I play tennis, I can get to a lot of balls before where I couldn’t and I also feel a lot stronger and I was like I can hit a lot harder and more consistently.

I would recommend this to anybody that would want to work out. I’d say this is the best workout I’ve ever had.”



“I’ve Dropped 2 Sizes And Over 20 Lbs.”

“Before I came to EarthFIT and I started in July, I was very sluggish. My metabolism really shut down and I was gaining weight, very tired and just wasn’t feeling good. I needed to make a change.

My life right now is buying new clothes because I dropped 2 sizes and over 20 Lbs., I have lots of energy. People noticed that I’m just full of more energy and just feeling great.

Before I came to EarthFIT, I was passing 140 and I never thought I’d get down to 120 so one of my goals was to I thought maybe if I could get to 125 I’d be really happy. Now I’m 120 and I’m shocked because I could go as 119 in high school, and that was over 35 years ago. So I am thrilled that I’ve dropped down. Now I’m just working on getting stronger muscles because I’m building you know, building that up really well.

I was skeptical on coming because I didn’t think I’d be able to lift those kettle bells because my husband’s tennis team did this routine a couple of summers ago during their conditioning and they told me and the girls said how hard it was gonna be and I thought there’s no way I’m gonna be able to do that. And David said, I’ll give you three times coming here and I was shocked that now I look forward to coming on a school night, I leave school early and I never could leave that early before. So now I look forward to coming at least 2 to 3 days a week and I’m amazed that I can do what I’m doing.

I’ve recommended it to a lot of people because people have noticed then asked what I’ve done, what my routine is and not only just lifting the weights but I’ve changed my eating habits. And I’ve always had good eating habits before, but I’ve changed my proportion and just the few other little different things have made a big difference.”



“In About 6 Months I Lost 70lbs., Down 5 Suit Sizes, 10 Inches Smaller In My Waist”

“Before I started training, I was overweight, my back hurt, I was tired, didn’t have a lot of energy. I’d come out of work and would not have a lot of energy; I’d just lay on a sofa. I didn’t have really the energy to play with my kids – I have 2 little ones at home. It’s hard to do a lot with them when you’re tired all the time.

I’ve never gone to a gym before, I wasn’t sure what it would entail going to a gym and the whole gym experience. I was worried that it was gonna be hard, I wouldn’t like it. But turns out I do like it. And I went from – I used to think I have to go to the gym tomorrow until I get to go to the gym tomorrow. So that’s quite a change.

In about 6 months I lost 70lbs., down 5 suit sizes, 10 inches smaller in my waist. My clothes fit better – I had to buy new clothes 4 times now, my back does not hurt anymore. It used to be my back laying to bed would hurt sitting on my desk all day and it would hurt.

And now my back doesn’t hurt, I have more flexibility and I overall feel better, a lot more energy and overall happier. I definitely recommend this training to everyone, young people, middle-aged people, old people, it works for everybody. It’s easy, it’s fun and honestly obviously, a lot of results.”

-David Levitt-


“I’m Sharper And Seems Like I Have More Brain Cells”

“Um.. I was skeptical that just working out twice a week would really have the results that it did. My background used to be in sports doing lot of weight lifting – heavy weight lifting – and I really didn’t think I could change and modify myself and the way I look that easily by doing just a couple – two – workouts in a week.

Um.. definitely I’ve lost weight a little bit of weight,  but I think I’ve just moved it around on the right spots. I feel like a definitely have more endurance, my posture is better, because I have a big problem with posture sitting at a desk during a day and so all those things added together just have be feeling a lot better about myself. I just didn’t feel good about how I looked or how I felt. And so since I’ve been training here I felt a thousands percent better and I’m sharper and seems like I have more brain cells.

My clothes are actually fit are looser, I’m having to pull it and take in some of my pants, and belt sizes and so you know I’ve definitely I can say that the structure side is changed around quite dramatically.”

-Bob Turner-


“I Realized After Some Easy Start That I’ve Developed Confidence”

“Frank Cummings, 63. Before I joined the program I kind of thought of myself as old. After came to the program and talking with Ian, I realized that just my muscles were getting old as a result of just not using them. When I found that I’ve started using them again, it made me feel better physically and also made think many things to do mentally and spiritually.

Well I can now touch my forehead to my heels, it stretched so I could probably do a little bit of yoga positioning now, which I thought I could never do before.

I thought I’d look bad… um… and I’d be embarrassed and I that couldn’t do even simple things and I realized after some easy start that I’ve developed confidence and beyond the confidence, some real competence in doing things with good instruction. I couldn’t have done it by myself to begin with.

I think anybody who doesn’t work on mind, body connection and do the best they can with physical condition is missing an opportunity.”



“You’re Gonna See Results More Or Less Instantly If You Join This Program”

“Life was interesting. Um.. before I started training I felt a lot bigger than I am – I mean I’m big, but I felt a lot bigger and I was conscious of my body the way it looked. Yeah, it was difficult, but I went through it and I’ve moved down here South Carolina and I still felt that way and wanted to do something that change that.

Every time that we went shopping for a clothes, my parents used to buy the..if I said I was a 38 or 38 pants or something still fit me, they would always buy 40 just in case. And..I don’t know weird doing that and I always get extra large shirts and stuff but yeah..that’s why I joined here because I felt pretty like… I shouldn’t be doing this constantly – I shouldn’t be buying 1 [size] up just in case, I should be buying 1 less, just in case, not 1 up.

I lost 20lbs in a month, yeah I lost 20lbs. which is good. I feel really good, I see myself stronger, clothes fit me is better that I wear, belts with those 40 or 38 pants I wear belts. Pants fits me 3 or 4 years ago, fits me now again which is really good because they were like 28-26 which is very good.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and even if you don’t want to lose weight, it’s still a great for you get in shape, but you’re gonna see results more or less instantly if you join this program.

And, How old are you?  I’m 17.”



“If You’re A Runner, This Is Gonna Improve Your Running. If You’re A Biker, It’s Gonna Improve Your Biking.”

“Jeff Myers, 45 years old. I’d struggle for what exercise to do when, and it was very routine. It was kind of the same old day everyday, the same day. And it got – it was easy to plateau. And this definitely keeps me guessing, keeps my body guessing. It has definitely changed my metabolism, it’s helped my posture and I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in several years since I was in my early 20s probably.

I can go out and run a quick 3 miles, even though I haven’t run in several months just because overall, I’m in much better shape. I would recommend it to everybody, any age, any desire that you have fitness wise. I know that it would only help anything that you’re doing. So if you’re a runner, this is gonna improve your running. If you’re a biker, it’s gonna improve your biking. If you tri-athlete, it’s gonna improve it all. So it’s just overall fitness level that you can achieve by doing this method of training that is like no other. It is really good.”



“This Program Is A Combination Of What You Might Get At Weight Watchers And What You Might Get At The Gym, But It’s All Together.”

“EarthFIT rocks!

I’m Jennifer Bernard and I am 29. I was doing Pilates a couple of times a week and weight watchers on and off. I felt committed to exercise until actually started training for real. I didn’t think I could do it. I would watch or I did the Assessment and thought well that is gonna be the first  and last time I’ll be able to do any of those things. Um…and you know you don’t have to do all of it right out of the gate it’s a gradual process and now I feel like I can do kind of anything, really.

I feel just more confident in being able to go to a gym and actually accomplish something vs sitting there reading the rules on the equipment and not understanding what to do. But more than anything, I used to think that running a minute on a treadmill  was a huge accomplishment and now I can do it for between 15 to 20 minutes. And I didn’t ever think I’d be able to do that, so that was great!

This program is a combination of what you might get at Weight Watchers and what you might get at the gym, but it’s all together. It’s concentrated and it’s tailored to what you need. It’s great! I would suggest this to anybody who’s looking for something… a solution.”



“I’ve Already In 6 Times Feel A Difference In The Way My Clothes Feel And I Feel Like I Can Accomplish Anything.”

“I was couch potato. I thought it was really good if I could get out and walk 2 miles. I thought I was really fit.

What were you skeptical about before joining the program?

That I would not be able to accomplish what I’d wanted to, that I’d falter that I couldn’t do the exercises I’d have to stop in midstream.

Oh! I have more energy, I’m stronger. I’ve already in 6 times feel a difference in the way my clothes feel and I feel like I can accomplish anything.

I look forward to coming. I go out to play tennis, I play golf. I feel like I can hit a stronger passing shot like I can drive the ball farther. I’m so excited! I’m trying to recruit all my friends.”



“I Lost 8lbs In 6 Weeks And Dropped 7% On My Body Composition”

“Um.. I didn’t eat as well, I was bigger, I was more tired, I was out of shape. I didn’t think I’d see results because I’ve tried stuff before. But… I didn’t think anything would really happen.

I lost 8lbs in 6 weeks and dropped 7% on my body composition. My face is smaller. Um… I have more endurance, more energy and I have some definition.

Yes, I had recommend it. It’s really cool. These guys are fun!”



“That’s My Main Goal… It’s To Come To EarthFIT”

“My name is Linda Ammons, I’m from Beaufort, South Carolina and I am 63 years old. Um.. I was a junk food eater and basically lazy in the exercise department.  The only thing I was skeptical about was having to give up my junk food and my bad eating habits. Eating better, I have lost weight, I’m stronger, I feel better about myself. It kinda revolves around my coming to EarthFIT. That’s my main goal… it’s to come to EarthFIT.

I can now get into smaller clothes, I’m buying different size jeans because of working out with this program. Um… I can get in clothes I haven’t been in probably in 5 or 6 years. So because of working out with this program. I’m stronger, my endurance is better, I’ve started back running and working on my cardio, which is improved because of this program.

I’ve achieved my goal. I’ve gotten stronger, I started back running like I said, my cardio is better and I do a great assessment through this program. I recommend it for everyone basically, especially people on my age. All my friends you know who have goals, or weight issues, um.. as my doctor said I am training for the future. I’m exercising for the future and I think everyone my age needs to get involved in this program. I recommend this program to everyone not just people on my age but younger people or and even older people than I am. It’s a great program so I recommend it highly. It works for me.”



“It’s Been Great! I Would Certainly Recommend This Program To Anybody.”

“I spend a lot on the couch with my bag of potato chips and a bowl of ice cream. Well, in 13 weeks I’ve lost… 16lbs of fat probably picked up 5 or 6 in lean muscle, exercising pretty much everyday. I just feel much healthier and clothes for a lot better, I had to buy all new pants. It’s been great! I would certainly recommend this program to anybody.”



Leigh Leigh



“Life Is A Lot More Focused, I’m Happier And I Am Proud To Myself “

“Well, it would start in the morning I would wake up and I’d have to pull myself out to bed and my feet felt like.. I just felt like I’m an old lady coming out of bed, with aches and pains and I’d shuffle off… and um.. just didn’t have much energy during the day. I would frequently say how tired I was during the day, which my husband would tire of hearing.

I was skeptical about whether any program could really make a change in me. Whether or not I would be able to..whether it will be able to get through to me and would really make a difference in my life. I was concerned whether or not I had anything..I had anything to give to even get results. My energy is.. the increase of my energy is just amazing. Um.. and here’s one of the example, when I first start with the program I would workout late in the afternoon and then I basically go on home and collapse and go to bed until the next morning. I’ve now started training at 8 in the morning and I have boundless energy to get me through the day and to do anything that I want and just have a regular normal life after that.

Life is a lot more focused, I’m happier and I am proud to myself and I get a lot of comments from my neighbors who have seen me you know start the program and they are just astonished at how much my body has changed and they kind of look at the energy that I have and um.. I guess they’ve call me the energizer by once or twice. I have been afflicted with lower back pain for over 30 years and it just… it will come and go with these really bad spasms so basically it would cripple me for the day and I couldn’t move, but with the work that we’ve been doing on the program, strengthening my back, I have not had a single episode of any back pain. So I have more confidence in my back as well as on the rest of my body that it can can change, it can work hard, it can handle the training that the program is bringing to me.”


“Instead Of Doing My Physical Therapy, I Actually Chose To Come Workout At EarthFIT And Since Doing That, I Have Had Great Results And No More Back Pain.”

“I spent a month in the hospital in premature labor and I ate take-out food everyday from caviar and bananas and cookies from the hospital and I easily gained 60 lbs.

My goal was to lose 20 lbs. Since I started the program I have lost 20 lbs. Um.. My jeans that I wore before my pregnancy are now loose and I have more energy and I feel great!

Since starting the program, I have really strengthened my back, I’ve always had back problems and I had been working with my doctor on improving my back problems. And instead of doing my physical therapy, I actually chose to come workout at EarthFIT and since doing that, I have had great results and no more back pain.

I would totally recommend training at EarthFIT, it’s wonderful environment and the program is set up so it’s not too difficult for you to reach your goals but you do, and you have great results.”



“I Just Feel A Lot Better And I Look A Lot Better.”

“I have lower back pain and I had almost zero flexibility. I was skeptical that the training would actually improve my lower back pain and somehow increase my flexibility.

Specifically I’ve noticed um.. increased flexibility, I was able to touch my toes for the first time in my life like a week ago. I’ve noticed like a lot more of upper body strength, a lot more lower body strength, a lot more endurance. I’ve lost just whatever fat that I’ve had around my stomach just from diet and also just increased cardio.

I just kind of developed a better habit as far as sleeping and eating and training, it seemed to all kind of balance. You know I’ve noticed a lot more strength and flexibility and endurance. [My lower back] It feels no pain whatsoever, very comfortable. I just feel a lot better and I look a lot better.

EarthFIT is awesome!”



“It Becomes Addictive You Look Forward To Every Time You Come In For A Session.”

“My life like before joining the program was constantly going home at the end of the day from work with some lower back pain, just my profession being a dentist, bending over patients all day long just created constant soreness in the evenings, where I was this taking some Advil every night before I go to bed just to help ease a little soreness, so I can wake up in the morning refreshed. But since I started the program 6 weeks ago, strengthening my lower back and overall my whole body, I am able to eliminate about 90% of soreness.

My life right now is I have more energy throughout the day and I’m a little more active, I play tennis and it has helped my tennis game as well as my golfing. I have more stability, more control and in those sports. It becomes addictive you look forward to every time you come in for a session. I would recommend this program to anybody.”

Dr. Kyle


“I’ve Become More Fit That I’ve Been In 20 Years”

“Hi I’m Jay Burner. I am a retired educator, I was a Chemistry Professor in Virginia and retired to South Carolina a couple of years ago. I’m 63 years old. I’ve never used a personal trainer before and I had some doubt whether a personal trainer could do anymore for me than what I could do for myself.

Before I started with the program I was unfit, overweight, had chronic back problems due to degenerative disc disease which I have suffered from for 15 years.

I’ve been in the program 16 weeks now and I have dramatically improved in all areas. I’ve lost weight, I’ve become more fit that I’ve been in 20 years, my back pain is virtually gone allowing me to do my everyday activities including tennis, walking, fishing and just about everything I used to do before I had back problems. I’m able to, uh…do the activities that I had to give up. I was able to stand without back pain for more than about 20 minutes and now I can stand for hours without bothering me much, my sleep has dramatically improved, my level of fitness is improved, my energy is improved. I just generally feel better than I have in years and years.

I can recommend this program EarthFIT without reservation to anyone, of any age, of any fitness level and either gender. The staff here is highly trained, well educated, very professional and dedicated to their clients’ improvement.”

Prof. Jay


“I Like To Play Tennis, And I Feel A Lot Better Out Of The Court. I Have More Stamina, I’m Starting To Beat Some The Guys That Used To Beat Me…”

“Hi my name is Bill Zimmer. I’m a dentist in Habersham where EarthFIT is located and before I started coming here um… I felt like I was really getting old quickly. My posture was bad – every time I would walk by a window and I would notice myself hunched over, when I would get out of the car it took a long time to straighten up, or if I get out of the chair, I took a long time to straighten up and I just generally felt um… even mentally I felt like I was really dragging and going down hill.

I was a little bit skeptical that… I was wondering if I was beyond help especially with my posture and I said I start looking like my dad (not that I didn’t love my dad but) he was always hunched over. A number of years ago I had trainer but it was totally different experience than it is with my trainer now, Bojan. This trainer kind of treated everybody the same and actually it was kind of like me just going on working out and somebody watching me work out and after a while she didn’t really do much but watch me. But um.. what I noticed is, with my training – and I’ve seen other people train – is a they don’t treat everybody the same. They tailor their work outs to your specific problems and also taken to account your limitations um.. so everything is really personalized, then they really watch everything that you do, making sure that you’re doing every exercise properly.

I’ve noticed my posture definitely increased very quickly. Um… it was just… I’m not hunched over- not nearly as hunched over as I used to be when I walk by a window. I don’t feel like I could constantly have push my shoulders back because they kind of staying back naturally. Um.. my overall strength is increased, I know when I get out of the car, or get out of the chair, I don’t have that lower back stiffness that I would have all the time and just mentally I feel a lot better because I’m not just sitting idly by I watching myself deteriorate; I feel like I’m slowing things down.

Since I’ve been working out, I like to play tennis, and I feel a lot better out of the court. I have more stamina, I’m starting to beat some the guys that used to beat me and that’s good and I just feel..generally, I just feel so much better mentally everyday that I do work out. To be honest with you I don’t enjoy working out but I know it’s good for me and when I’m done I feel really terrific! So I would highly recommend EarthFIT, they are truly professional trainers and you will not be so disappointed.”

-Dr. Bill


“I Lost 30lbs In 4 Weeks! I Never Thought It Would Be Possible, To Lose That Much Weight That Quickly.”

“Before I went to EarthFIT, I was continually getting heavier and heavier. Consequences of that was a lack of energy that I was experiencing. It was getting hard just even to work through the day. At EarthFIT in 30 days, of working out and doing a diet and following a strict program that they have laid out, I have lost 30 lbs.

Today, what a difference! I’m feeling the strength coming back, the flexibility, my body, my joints are feeling better, mentally I am feeling better. I’m working on a day to day basis better. I’ve got more energy I after work to play with my children, work around the house. It’s just a  night and day difference since I’ve started working out at EarthFIT.

I was definitely growing up – I spent time, a lot of time in the gym specially in college playing football. I always looked at personal trainers and people who wanted to see personal trainers as, you know…forget it! It wasn’t until I got to the point where I really needed help that I hooked up with EarthFIT and sat down I started talking about philosophies, and diets and exercise and I’ve realized, hey! these guys know what they’re doing and the results: 30 lbs in 30 days from phenomenal weight loss! I highly recommend personal training. I lost 30 lbs in 4 weeks. I never thought it would be possible, to lose that much weight that quickly. But I achieved it with the help of EarthFIT.”

-John Helstrom-


“I Am A Lot Stronger, I Am Able To Run Now For A Considerable Distance”

“Hi my name is Warren Hunter. I am an Advertising Executive.  I’m a little over as 60 years old and most of my life has been in the last 25 years or so, kind of sedentary. I haven’t really been doing the kind of exercise that I would have liked to have done.

I was very fortunate to be able to come in contact with this program and to get connected with it. I’ve been involved for about 6 months and so far I’ve lost about 10% of my body weight, along with putting on muscle and stamina and energy. When they asked me to join the program over doing the initial evaluation, there is a commitment they wanted me to make which had do with how many times that I think I would be able to exercise a week and I think I was willing to commit two and as it turns out I’m currently you know working the program with personal trainer three days a week and I’m running about 3 ½ miles each of the other 2 days of the week. So somehow my two went to five.

As I’ve mentioned in the outset I’ve lost about 10% of my body weight, which I feel pretty good about, but most importantly I feel that I’ve got more energy, I’ve got stamina, Um… I have wind back we went to Aspen a few months ago and I’ve realized that I was not short of breath with the high altitude. I attribute that to the improvement in my cardio training that the program has given me and I am a lot stronger, I am able to run now for a considerable distance.

My life now is still pretty busy. I do a lot of travel. I miss the program a lot when I’m travelling because I’m not able to do the same regimen. When I do travel though, they have given me some exercises that I can on my own whether I’m in my hotel room, or in a hotel gym and of course if I can find a treadmill or place to run outside I can do that as well. My business is still the same and my life is still the same, and I am almost a year older so…”

“I Have More Energy And I Just Feel Generally Better!”

“My name is Barbara Westcott. Um.. Well, obviously I could not… I did not have a flexibility, I played tennis and I did biking but I also had a lot of pain in my shoulder and had quite a bit of pain in my hip everyday. And then once I joined this program, I was told that in a few weeks that my hip would feel better, my shoulder would feel better and I kind of went out laughing to myself saying it’s impossible for that to happen and here I am a few weeks after and I have hardly any pain in my hip and in my shoulder is much better.

Um.. I was skeptical that it would really help me because I was already active and I played a lot of tennis, walk 3 miles every other days and so I just didn’t understand how the gym would help me in any way. But after being in the gym, I can really see how it helps me. I have very little pain in my hip, very little pain in my shoulder, I seem to have much more flexibility, I have more energy and I just feel generally better!”



“I’m More Active – I Want To Be More Active, I Don’t Like To Be Sitting Around Too Much…”

“My name is Allegra Greg. My life before joining the program was pretty um.. sedentary. I didn’t do too much physical activity. Um… I’m pretty busy as a mom of a three year old but I wanted to get into shape better because I didn’t really do any exercise at all.

Before joining the program I was pretty skeptical about my ability to do the personal training program. I didn’t think that I was strong enough to do it and I didn’t think I would like it at all.

Specific results I achieved: I’ve gotten a lot stronger, I can tell that definitely.I can feel that I’ve gain muscle in my legs and in my arms. I have greater endurance when it comes to cardiovascular activity and in general I just feel a lot better.

Now my life since joining the program has a lot different. I’m more active – I want to be more active, I don’t like to be sitting around too much, I definitely want to keep improving in my strength and my cardiovascular activity so that I continue to get into shape.

Since I’ve started this program I’ve pay a lot attention to my diet, the program has helped me to really look at what I’m eating, to eat healthier – I do two vegetable days per week and I pay a lot more attention to what I eat. So I’m eating much healthier.”

“I Am More Confident And I’ve Got A Lot More Energy.”

“Well, I’m not an athletic person and I’ve never had been. And I actually never made exercise a part of my daily routine, so it’s pretty inactive. Um.. I’ve joined other gyms and I’ve tried other trainers and I really thought that I wanted to lose weight, get in shape but I didn’t think that I’d last longer than a month because I really never stuck to anything longer than a month..Um.. again I’d wanted to lose weight, so I’ve lost weight but um.. in addition to that I’ve dropped a dress size and my body is much stronger, I have lot more endurance and my my cholesterol level has gone down quite a bit. So other than the physical parts, the emotional part would be more just actually think it about what I’m eating, working out everyday, and enjoying it, whereas I’ve never enjoyed that before.

If I don’t exercise I feel guilty, I feel sluggish. If I’m eating something that I know I shouldn’t eat I, again think about it. So it’s actually um.. I’m much happier. I am more confident and I’ve got a lot more energy. Well, I had some arm issues and I’ve been working those out, and as far as flexibility, you know I’ve always.. I’ve always been pretty flexible but I think now I don’t have the extra pains that I used to have and so again I feel a lot stronger.”



“It Has Been A Huge, Huge Benefit To Me. One That I Couldn’t Put A Value On”

“Before I started training at EarthFIT, I was having problems controlling my weight for sure – I’ve had that for years, but I was also starting to have chronic pains in my legs and in my feet and honestly swelling in my feet. And it was something that was almost driving me into a doctor’s arms. I was at the point where I was going to have an MRI done on the leg; it hurt so bad. And it got to the point where it just wasn’t after long trips, which I take frequently, but it was ever-present. So it was becoming a huge, huge problem. It was almost like it was normal [that] it only hurt a little bit, which wasn’t very often – usually, it hurt a lot.

I was also struggling with my weight and was honestly on a diet for a 5-month period where I lost 40lbs. The problem is I gained 50. So I kept going back a little and in trying to take that next step, I’d end up losing control of it and end up gaining 2-3 lbs from where I started. And this went on for a good 5 months through October. And finally, I got with my wife – she had come over and talked with Ian and we both decided that we were at the point where we had done everything we could individually to not only try to work with the weight but the pains were becoming chronic and we needed to get some help with it. And that was always a hard thing for me to admit (whether it’s in fitness, or accounting, or tax) whatever I’m dealing with, it’s hard for me to seek that professional advice. But it was something that I got to a point where I had to do it and I had to get it turned around and I’m thankful that I showed the internal fortitude to swallow my pride and come in and talk to Ian and he got me started on the program. And the pains are gone and the weight’s coming off. I’ve lost 28lbs at this point and I couldn’t tell you how excited I am. I have been doing it for 4 months but I’m here only 2 weeks out of the month. So it’s really for a straight 2-week period, 4 times in the last 4 months, he has done a remarkable job. And I don’t feel the pain in my leg at all now, even when I drive, and that’s just made my life 100% better. And then the weight loss is a bonus.

It’s felt good – 28lbs… it isn’t my ultimate objective. Feeling better, getting my blood sugar under control, getting my blood pressure right, all of those are more important, but boy the weight, that’s sure coming off and it’s going to be an indication of those other things as well, so it’s been a great asset to me coming to EarthFIT. And I actually look forward to it. I come here every day when I’m in town.

It wasn’t so much skeptical as much as I guess I just felt like I should just be able to do it myself based on my experiences as a teenager of all things, where I trained for football and thinking that I can go and show the discipline to do the things you need to do to not only get back in shape but fight the diet problem. It was more having to come to terms with I needed the help. I needed somebody that knows more than I do about it to guide me through it and to show me the steps to work through my problem.

Since I started at EarthFIT, the chronic pains in my legs and my feet are gone, the swelling is gone; my blood sugar is good – which is a huge benefit to me. I feel better, my balance is better, just my core strength is coming back. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I can actually get on my back and get off the ground without climbing on a stepladder and those were the things that were hard for me to do. My balance is getting better. Just my step is higher – I step with authority now. So just in my day-to-day work, it shows in how I carry myself. But people around me are noticing it now too and it’s easier for me to hear that they see it and appreciate it than it is for me to look in the mirror and see it myself. But I can look in the mirror and see it myself and that just gives me the strength to keep going. And yeah, as I said, I really look forward to coming in the door. I look forward to the workouts and I don’t feel good when I don’t do ’em. So I try to do it on my own and do it on my own for 2 weeks out of the month and just don’t have the level of intensity that I get when I come in to EarthFIT and do it with Ian or one of other his trainers. They’re good because they work with you individually. They don’t throw you in a mass and just kind of lose track of you. They’re standing, there watching you, they’re guiding you, they know when you’ve hit your limit, they help you get over the limit, they help you overcome all those obstacles, and that has been a huge, huge benefit to me… one that I couldn’t put a value on it.

I would recommend this program to everyone. I think there’s something in it for everyone. People that are actually physically fit I think would gain from it because Ian and his crew’s knowledge of general conditioning, proper diet and so forth, and for myself – a person who was completely out of shape – it was an absolute critical step for me to even make the first step to getting my body right, to getting my diet right, to getting my weight under control and getting the chronic pains under control. So I would say that everyone – no matter what their condition – could benefit from the program.”

-John D-


“Dear Ian, Bojan, Maxine And Khadine.”

Carson Bruce

“April 11, 2012 will mark my two year anniversary as an EarthFIT client! I cannot believe two years has already gone by, and I still look forward to every workout! Physical fitness has always been very important to me. I wasn’t particularly athletic in grade school…I hated PE with a passion, and always got picked 2nd or 3rd to last!! But, after I graduated from college I joined a gym and have been a loyal exerciser for the past 12ish years. I love group fitness classes, but I also love my twice weekly runs (by myself- no one wants to run with me, I am slow!). I even taught Spinning for three years. My point is that exercising is always on my list of things ‘to do’.

But, EarthFIT has completely transformed the way that I think about exercise! I have never been challenged more than I have at EF. I have never, ever felt so strong! For the first time in my life, since joining EF, I look forward to putting on shorts! I am even a little excited about wearing a bathing suit! This is truly remarkable because, for a very long time, I just thought I had to accept the things about my body that I did not like. The little pooch, cottage cheese on my hips, bra-fat – women know exactly what I am talking about!! We all know that we should love our bodies, no matter what shape or size. But very few of us actually do. Well, I do!! I haven’t in the past, but I do NOW! And that is because of me… and you have helped tremendously!! I know that I would not be feeling this way were it not for the experience that I have had as an EF client.

The path to feeling really, really great is simple, but it is not easy. You have never asked me to do anything except try as hard as I can, believe in myself, and work hard. There really is no magic formula here- the only way to achieve long-lasting and profound results is to eat less and move more. Anyone who thinks that there is a shortcut to physical fitness (via diet pills, crazy diets, ‘cleanses’, etc.) is only fooling themselves!

I would (and do!) recommend EarthFIT to my friends, colleagues, even total strangers, all the time! My hope is that anyone who has struggled with their body image, battled with body weight, or just wants to be stronger, will reach out to you and your wonderful staff..

Many, many, many thanks!”

-Carson Bruce-


“I Have Lost Over 21 Pounds And 7% Body Fat!”

Claude Tolbert

“Six months ago I found myself being dissatisfied with my weight and overall physical condition. After turning 40, I realized that things would only get worse if I did nothing. Meanwhile, having to shuffle the demands of medical practice and family made it seem virtually impossible that I would ever find the time to address my physical needs. Then a close friend told me about his experience with a personal training facility and how he was seeing immediate results. Initially I was skeptical, because I had never committed to a long-term exercise program, and certainly didn’t think I had the time to do so. After persistence on his part, I decided to go in for an assessment. I was instantly impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism demonstrated by each trainer. More importantly they designed an exercise program to address my deficits and work around my busy schedule.

Now, 6 months later, I am doing just what I never thought I could; I am committed to an exercise program, I have lost over 21 pounds and 7%body fat, my body is toned and I feel 100 times better now than I did at 30.”

-Claude Tolbert, MD-


“I Love It, And You Will, Too!”

-Ellen Wang-


“Thanks To Earth Fit, I Lost 67 Pounds of Fat… No Reality Show Required!”




“I’m Healthier And In Better Shape Than I Was In My 20’S.”


“My 65th birthday is in a few months. I’m healthier and in better shape than I was in my 20’s. Thanks EarthFIT for helping me reach my potential. Joining the EarthFIT Team has been an awesome experience.”



“Within A Month, I Lost Over An Inch From Every Part Of My Body”

“I joined EarthFIT about 5 months ago. Before joining I would say my fitness level was about average. I took yoga weekly, jogged when I could and hit the gym whenever possible. Before that I spent a great deal of my life studying the art of dance, which helped me greatly. However, I came to EarthFIT looking for more…I had neck pain, back pain, hip and knee pain, some stemming from old injuries, some just from working at a desk or leaning over my laptop all day. I have experienced other trainers, but NONE like those at EarthFIT.

After my assessment, my problem areas were found. Within just a few weeks of training, all pain was eliminated. I have not been back to a doctor or chiropractor since beginning training. Additionally, while I thought I was a decent (although admittedly very slow) runner, I learned how poor my cardio level really was. I had no idea how to train myself to get faster or maximize a run…and EarthFIT showed me. Within a month of training, I lost over an inch from every part of my body – amazing!

Shortly after, I discovered I was expecting my second child. My trainer didn’t flinch but rather looked excited for me and immediately adjusted my workouts to my new – and growing – needs. Now, 4 1/2 months pregnant, my weight is healthy and down considerably from this time in my first pregnancy and I still feel stronger than I ever have. My trainer is sensitive to my changing body and I think more aware of what’s going on with it than I am!

I know I could not feel this great without the expertise at EarthFIT and I am truly thankful.”

-Carrie, 31 Beaufort, SC-


“I’ve Gained 8 Lbs Of Muscle!”

“Since beginning my training at Earthfit, I have experienced a tremendous change in how I feel and how I look. Ian and Bojan guarantee results and follow through. Within weeks of beginning training, I reached my goals of flexibility and strength because of their knowledge and expertise. In less than 2 months, I’ve gained 8 lbs of muscle! Now, I have set new goals and know that Ian and Bojan will get me there. Thank you!”




Elsie Mufuka

“I WENT DOWN 5 DRESS SIZES in TWO MONTHS. By the GRACE of God, he gave me the opportunity for help with losing weight in order to fulfill my deepest desire of dancing comfortably. The help came from EarthFIT.  Now I am loosing weight naturally and still loosing. As for my deepest desire, I am living it with more energy in my soul, mind and body and I even opened my own dance company, MufukaWorks.”

-Elsie -Professional Dancer, MufukaWorks, LLC.-


“You Really Have To Try This Program”

It feels like someone got in there and oiled all my joints and they’re moving easily and I have absolutely no pain now. It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing! The doctor reported that the bone density in my spine is thicker – bigger – and I no longer have osteoporosis in my spine, now it’s osteopenia, which is better bone density… You really have to try this program.”

-Dee H-


“I Highly Recommend This Program”

“I’ve been able to get back that balance and now I have absolutely no pain whatsoever in my back and my training sessions are a lot more vigorous and I’m seeing a lot better results as a result of the lack of pain that I’m having… I highly recommend this program.”

-Rick O-


“I Lost 27lbs In 13 Weeks!”

“I began at EarthFit uncertain. I was looking to extend the limits of possibilities. Could I live a life where I could act like the 15 year old that lives in my mind? How can I become the person who sees something on the floor and automatically picks it up?  Not wondering if I can pick it up. This is about the low toilets in the world that challenge us all as we age in place. How do I keep my “up and down button” working and working well? How do I get in and out of cars or climb stairs without difficulty as I age in place?

I moved to the LowCountry and imagined using a kayak, riding a bike and long walks taking in the sights and sounds of my new home. I realized I might not be able to do these things and things I have yet to dream about. EarthFit has taught me ways to increase my mobility, boost my stamina and long to do more.

Let no one think this has been easy. I have to give up much to get much. I long for the foods that have filled all our plates. HOWEVER I have relearned to love fruits and vegetables. There is no food that is taboo. It just may not be good for me.

I ache in ways I didn’t think possible after working hard under the guidance of the trainers at EarthFit. I  want to do everything they ask. I break down all the minutes, seconds and reps into 5’s. I can do anything 5 times that I might not think possible for 10 times or more.

My gains have been remarkable. I often worry that I might be disappointed by my efforts. I have learned to extend my perceived limits.I AM going to become older. I will now have a chance to participate in life as I have never been able to or imagined I could before.”



“I Lost 29lbs In 4 Weeks”

“I lost 29lbs in 4 weeks, I never thought it would be possible to lose that much weight that quickly but I achieved with EarthFIT. Ihighly recommend personal training at EarthFIT.”



“Working With The Guys At EarthFIT Resulted In Me Losing 23lbs In 6 Weeks”


“I’ve always worked out but never lost weight. Working with the guys at EarthFIT helped me balance working out and eating differently which resulted in me losing 23lbs in 6 weeks which I haven’t gained back. Dig deeper, push harder!

Thanks Bojan and Ian!”



“I Lost 8lbs In 6 Weeks And Dropped 7% Of My Body Fat!”




“I Lost 47lbs In 14 And 1/2 Weeks With The EarthFIT Training Program”




“I Have Seen A Great Improvement”

“Ian (and Bojan and Khadine)- Ian please pass this on…  my personal thanks for your commitment to our health.  I have seen a great improvement (with room for VAST improvement) and am grateful for how dedicated you all are.  The team of 3 – is just great.

I value the respect you have for some of the frailer parts of this ole body (wrist, back, knee – you name it) – how smart you are about finding ways that worked when I struggled.  The attention to detail on making sure I was doing things correctly and so much more.  This team has fantastic expertise and experience and I for one am delighted (even though I complained a lot!!!) to have been lucky enough to work with you all.

Thanks for the team training option this a.m. Continued success – you all deserve it.”



“I feel so much better, I jump out of the bed in the morning, I just have tons of energy and can’t wait to get here.”

“My life before EarthFIT – I was very depressed, I was overweight and unhappy and really spent a lot of time in bed and saw a picture of a friend of mine that looked awesome and I asked what she do and my friend said that she had gone to EarthFIT, and I thought OK, it’s time to do something for myself. My son graduated from college in December, my mother was in assisted living, my dad passed away and it was just time for Kim. And so I came here on January 14th and I have been coming every week for 3 days a week and I absolutely feel awesome!

Since my time at EarthFIT, I have lost 20 lbs., but most important for me is my mental well being. I feel so much better, I jump out of the bed in the morning, I just have tons of energy and can’t wait to get here really. And I don’t nap, I could hardly sleep, I think my metabolism just off the charts! But I just feel great, I’m happy with myself.

I really wasn’t skeptical about anything about the program. just really excited about it;  a lot of hard work but worth every minute of it!”



Kim Q-Kim Q.-





“Lost 11Lbs”

Ivy Nguyen Ivy Nguyen

-Ivy N.-

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