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Beaufort Personal Training: “…we feel the results!”

Published on October 15, 2014 By Ian Hart

Impressive and positive feedback keeps rolling in about these two EarthFIT Beaufort personal trainer Jessica and Jackson. I just got another email from a client with this feedback below.

“I wanted to write you and share some thoughts *#g and I have been talking about. Often, people who are content don’t share positive things!

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Beaufort Fitness: Weight Training

Published on September 1, 2014 By Ian Hart

There are a few misconceptions about weight training. Many people associate weight training with muscle bound body builders and pro football players. It is true that people with super fit bodies get that way by including weight training in their Beaufort fitness plan, but weight training is not what creates bulky muscles. In fact, weight training is an ideal way to speed up weight loss. It is also a great way to ward off aging and to increase energy. It’s really simple actually. EarthFIT has the equipment and a Beaufort personal trainer know how that can get you on your way to a healthier, fitter you.

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Beaufort Personal Trainer: Bojan Mladenovic

Published on July 24, 2014 By Ian Hart


bojan4 Beaufort Personal Trainer: Bojan Mladenovic

Bojan Mladenovic

40 years old

4% body fat

100% natural

Not one supplement

EarthFIT’s 5th Birthday

Published on July 19, 2014 By Ian Hart

Thanks for Celebrating EarthFIT‘s 5th year in operation with us! I know some of you were there in spirit icon smile EarthFITs 5th Birthday

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Gangsters, Fitness and 6 Lessons Learned… (Beaufort Personal Training)

Published on June 23, 2014 By Ian Hart

Hey EF Fam,

I wrote the follow blog post in honor of my Grandfather becasue there wouldn’t be an EarthFIT if it wasn’t for him and the decisions he made in his life…

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Published on April 15, 2014 By Ian Hart

Breaking News: As of last month the World Health Organization (WHO) lowered their daily sugar intake recommendations from 10 percent of calorie count to 5 percent. That works out to about 6 teaspoons — or 25 grams — of sugar per day for someone whose BMI is between 18-25 (considered normal).


Beaufort Health and Fitness: Exercise and Progression

Published on March 24, 2014 By Ian Hart

Regular exercise to maintain good health and fitness is vital to live a healthy, happy, and stress free life. There are many benefits of daily exercise (like staving off disease) and there are various ways to do exercise. You can get signed up at one of the many health and fitness centers in Beaufort SC or perform workout at home. Decide yourself about attending the gym or going it alone at home, but most of the experts will suggest you to join a good gym. The gym or Beaufort health and fitness center brings some sort of regularity in your exercise. If you decide to workout at home then you may not have a routine despite the fact that the tools are right under your roof. Or the routine might be just that – routine… without progress. Beaufort SC has quite a few health and fitness centers.

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Beaufort SC Personal Training: Diet and Nutrition

Published on February 25, 2014 By Ian Hart

nutrition exercise Beaufort SC Personal Training: Diet and Nutrition

Most people aim to have a well-maintained body. But some of them for various reasons are not willing to do any physical activity, and just prefer to lessen their food intake by partaking in off-the-wall diet food programs. Yet there are numerous people who do not know how to implement proper diet and nutrition. The long and short of it is that eating starvation diet food recipes or crash cleanses to lose weight would only work if you remain consistent. And no one can consistently starve himself/herself or go on a life long cleanse. The kicker is that diets work best if you accompany it with Beaufort SC personal training or a physical activity.

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Crossfit Beaufort SC

Published on January 27, 2014 By Ian Hart

EarthFIT should be your first choice when it comes to personal training in Beaufort, South Carolina. You will receive better results quickly and easily because the training program is personalized to fit your own needs in order to give you the best results and help you lose that excess weight fast. You’ve all heard of new, en vogue things like CrossFIT, or the, EarthFIT can help transform you into a leaner and more toned self through their individualized training programs. You get all the benefits of a personal trainer, without the shocking prices that go along with it. With EarthFIT, you will soon be on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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Beaufort Fitness: 6 Best Exercises For Your Booty

Published on January 15, 2014 By Ian Hart

butt exercise Beaufort Fitness: 6 Best Exercises For Your Booty

“Here are the 6 Beaufort Fitness Best Exercises for Your Booty:

BEST Booty Exercise #1: LUNGE
An amazing exercise that targets the muscles of your butt, thighs, and hips is the lunge. Putting one foot out in front of the other, lower your body toward the ground, keeping your abdominals tight and your torso straight. Lower until the front knee is bent at 90 degrees and not extended past your toes. Stand back up and then extend the opposite leg and bend. Perform 10 repetitions. For an increased Beaufort fitness workout, hold dumbbells in each hand.

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